Saturday, October 6, 2012

Sometimes you just need a giveaway

My kids are already making lists for Christmas.

I"m not even sure how many more weeks there actually are until Christmas, but WHATEVER!

I'm sure I did the same thing.

I might even get an email from my mom saying I did...

Ok.  I'll go with it.

BUT, I'm feeling a little like having a giveaway of my own...right here, right now.

This is the stipulation...I need you all to take a look at my ETSY shop.  I need help knowing what things are your favorites.  I'm not sure what the best sellers are, because I've not sold a duplicate of anything yet, just one of everything so far.

Click on my link at the top of the page on the right, and browse around.

Come back, and comment on what you like the best, and what you think I should make more of.

As for the giveaway...I made some things, and I hope you like them.

An embellished composition notebook.
I use mine all the time for to-do lists, recipes I find in books, etc.    I'm adding an elastic band to help keep yours closed.

I'm also adding a chalkboard covered vase/pencil holder with all the cute pencils.

Lastly, a little denim zippered pouch with a removable flower pin.

To enter, (one entry for each)
   ***check out my etsy shop and tell me what is your favorite product.
   ***leave a comment about what you would buy if you wanted to.
   ***leave me a comment about what I should make next.
   and lastly,
   ***if you haven't become a follower, join me!  And then comment that you did.

That's it!  I'll end the giveaway next Wed. Oct. 10th.

Good luck!   Oh, and if you haven't started...get your Christmas shopping started!


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  2. I like how you have all differnt things in your etsy shop. I love the chalk board painted jars, the banners and the rings. But I think it is fun to see some vintage items thrown into the mix.

  3. I would buy the banners, rings, and frames. I'd probably buy one of each if I could.

  4. I would make more of the denim pouches, different colora nd flowers. Those are so handy to stick in a purse. Maybe ones with straps so that you could put on your shoulder why shopping,maybe. Good luck.

  5. Besides my daisy ring that makes me very happy - I love the three little candlestick holders in different colors. I keep trying to justify needing them... but I know hubby would have a cow.

  6. So hard to choose, but I'm wild about the muslin covered wreath. I can see it on my apartment door.

  7. I love your composition notebooks!

  8. I would buy the notebooks, probably one for me and one for Jess, because she cannot have enough things to write in and she would love them. I also think the chalkboard covered pencil holder would look really good in my kitchen communication center, along with the magnetic clothes pins.

  9. 1. I love the chalkboard frames.
    2. I would buy the chevron pillow or the magnetic clothes pins.
    3. Maybe you could add some frames with chicken wire.
    Great stuff!
    ~ Melody S.

  10. Hi,
    I love the magnetic clothes pins and I think you should make more of those! I am now a follower! Please come and follow me on our journey in buying and the renovation of a vacation cottage at Pinehurst Cottage. I'd love to have your input. Thank you for the opportunity to win the giveaway. Great stuff!!!

  11. I love your magnetic clothespins!

  12. If I were to buy something it would be one of your rings... One of these days I will come up with a good reason for why I need another ring :)

  13. You should make more chalkboard paint jars and just sell some of your flower pins too :)


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