Saturday, October 20, 2012

There's no use running...

There's no use running from your past, it'll catch right up with you again.

I'm surrounded by mine everyday.

And I like it.  For the most part.

You see, I grew up in a SMALL town.  And I've moved away, and moved right back again.

The town has gotten slightly bigger since I first lived there, but it's no metropolis by any means.

We're not talking Gotham city or anything.  (Gee, you think we've been watching too much Batman around here lately?)

My town boasts my old school, just around the corner from the new school where my kids attended.

It has the same post office building...
and the first church I ever attended, and where I now work in the preschool three times a week.
It has added some businesses like the quaint little country store...and a new Dollar General around the corner...
but it's still my same small town.

I was very much reminded this week of how small town I really am.

I was filling in at a preschool this week, and I was with a speech therapist who I work with everyday.  I was meeting her at the school, (a school I've never been to,) to help her with a class for the afternoon.  I walked into the school and said hi to the nurse who was a sub that day, the principal, a mother of a student in the class and the helper on the school bus that the kids arrived on.  The teacher was with me each time, and remarked, "I can't take you know everyone!"  We laughed about it...but she's kinda right.  I had went to college with 2 of the people, the bus aide was a relative, and the principal was the brother of one of my good friends.

Growing up, my youth group at church was filled with my friends from school, and a couple of cousins.  I went to school with some cousins, some friends of my cousins, my friends, etc.  I was related to alot of people, and we had small classes in school.  Nothing like they are today.

When my husband and I moved back to my small town, we built a house on farm land owned by my family, who lives just around the corner from us.  My grandparents also live two houses away on the same road.

This community is close.  Maybe TOO close sometimes, but it's nice to feel familiar.  It's nice to just KNOW who you'll see when you go to the small bank in town, or the post office, or the country store.  

The past has a way of catching up with you.  I'm reminded of mine everyday.  How about you?


  1. I'm jealous! I love small town's and wish I'd grown up in one. Guess that's why I'm always going on (and on) about where we live now... I feel so blessed to raise my kids in a small town and hope one day they'll raise theirs here. Yours looks n sounds wonderful!

  2. I had the honor of attending that school. And it makes me smile every time I drive by! I tell everyone about Neighbor's, too. I am so glad they opened that store.

    Thanks for posting. It brings back great memories of my younger childhood :)


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