Monday, October 1, 2012

My favorite time of year....well, one of them.

I swear I could smell warm apple cider in the office today, but someone told me it was just the air freshner in the bathroom.


I'm ready for the real deal though.

I LOVE this season...apart from the flowers dying and the looking depressing part.

I love decorating for fall...


 I love the crispness to the air, and the fact that we don't have to run the air conditioning, OR the heat yet.

I love the clothing layers, and the fact that Fall eases you into the colder weather.

I am seeing more and more changing leaves on my daily trips to work.
Even the creepy bugs are coming out of the wood work... (almost stepped on him as I came out the front door.)
Anyone else enjoying this season?

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  1. I am in Heaven too! I can't believe how much the leaves are changing on a daily basis!

    Your porch display is awesome!

  2. Thanks for your nice comment on our post about office supplies! Glad I am not alone. Come and visit again soon. xo


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