Saturday, November 3, 2012

Dont' talk the talk if you can't walk the walk

I may have mentioned the other day (I can no longer decipher one from the next...) that I was planning on making more things for my Etsy shop.

Yeah, that was before all the CRAZY began.

BUT, since I was feeling more relaxed since we're on fall break, and since my customers have been SO GOOD to me with all that they have ordered...I decided I really wanted to devote my time making things today to add to the store (along with laundry, meal preparation, and taking Grace's friend home.)

I was talking the talk, and walking the walk...just a few days later.

I am SO EXCITED to share the things that popped into my head in the last several days.

Unique crafts that make me feel like I can make more.

Like these two canvases that morphed into something totally different than what they started as...

I originally thought I would paint the canvas in a chevron pattern, and then affix the wooden word in the middle.  White that WAS a good idea, the chevron painting didn't turn out as planned, hence the change, which I think I like even better!

Since I also have such a love of maps/globes/atlas', I wanted to make some things out of the vintage 1986 World Atlas book I found at a garage sale years ago.

I started with some bunting with really cool ribbon...

and ended up with some gift tags made from the same book.

Then I got out my small collection of Little Golden Books, and made some more bunting with a vintage airplane children's book.

I LOVE the outcome, finished off with some rust colored rick rack.

I'm trying hard to keep the prices of items in my shop reasonable, and they are selling pretty well.  Some things I make take more time than others, so I'm figuring that out as I go.

THANK YOU AGAIN for perusing my shop and buying what you have!  Please come back again!

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