Sunday, November 25, 2012

Homemade? Or Store bought?

It's always a dilemma for me when it comes to Christmas cards.

Do I make my own, or order online, or buy a box at the store?

For the last 4 years, I've made my own, save for one lapse.  Just one.

I don't pride myself on the fact that I make "homemade" cards, it's just something I like to do...IF I have the time.  That is a big IF.

Back in 2008, I made my first one.

(disclaimer...horrible camera phone picture...the original is a sepia tone picture, mounted on a card with festive scrapbook paper and the  title:  Shepherds watched their flocks by night.

Because we have our own sheep, the title suited us!

The next year, I tried something different.
I made individual tags, covered with scrapbook paper, and with a stamped message on the back.  I put each one into a small bag made out of part of a lunch sack.  Rudy posed perfectly!

In 2010, I entered a contest through my very new blog, that won me 50 free Christmas cards from  It was AWESOME.  I LOVED the cards.

In 2011, I tried homemade again, and got kinda fancy with my Cricut machine.
Each one was unique, color-wise.    They were alot of work!

This year...I'm up in the air.  I've yet to take a picture of the kids, and wonder when I'll even have the time to get one of them together!  Not to mention how lately they don't like their picture to even be taken.

BUT, I was surfing on Pinterest the other day, looking for card ideas.  I found several, and I like something from each of ideas are forming in my mind as I write this.

If you're weighing the options...what would you do?  What should I do?
You're thoughts are much appreciated!


  1. I do the photo cards with pictures of the grandkids. I have made mine in the past. This is easier even though it takes time setting up the pictures. I went through "my cards".

  2. I think you and your husband should be in this year's cards with your kids. The whole family!! =)


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