Tuesday, November 20, 2012

So what era again?

My dad always says he was born in the wrong era.

He would've made a good frontiersman.  Hunting his meals, making friends with the Indians, living with Daniel Boone.

Myself.  I'm not sure.  It used to be I was very intrigued by the 1940's.  I'm still interested in that time, but...

Then, I watched this movie.

A little cheesy, but really good.

It's all situated in Greece.  A place I've always dreamed of going to.  (Oh, and it's a romantic comedy.)

I mean, come on, it's beautiful.  Greece that is.
White buildings, aqua-colored water.  Beautiful.

I could see myself walking through the Parthenon or the Temple of Athena.

I have always loved architecture.

Would my era have been when those temples were being built?

I'm not sure.

But after watching the movie again, I WANT to go there.

What is your era or favorite place to go?

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  1. Bet you could guess.. I'd go back to pioneer days. Excpet for just watching a show on the dust bowl in OK! Truly I think the early 1900s would be just right. Hmm, so hard to choose but I do know I'm scared living in these times!


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