Saturday, February 9, 2013

Amazing what a little sun can do!

It's been very gloomy around here lately.

Weather-wise that is.

Today, we had full-on sun for most of the day.

Amazing how much that improved my mood!


It made the project I had on my to-do list all that more important.

It was time to plant seeds indoors and get them ready to transplant into the garden later this Spring.

I usually buy some of my seeds online, and some of the major ones like peas, corn, and beans at my local greenhouse.

I decided to buy those I start inside at the store this year.  I can't stand paying shipping for seeds.

So, this week, while I was grocery shopping...I got the seeds and seed starting soil that I needed.

From years past, I have keep the black plastic trays that I get flowers in my my local greenhouse.  They make great places to plant seedlings.

Yogurt cups can also be used.  (You gotta use what you've got!)

In the past, I've marked each pot with tongue depressors and the item planted written in sharpie.  They get a little gross from all the watering so this year, I just used my silver sharpie to mark the pots.  Each year, I can turn the pot and mark on a different side.  It won't come off with water, and I can see each one.

As much work as having a garden is, as I was planting these little seedlings, I just couldn't help but get excited that another gardening season is on it's way.  I really do, for all the complaining my family says I do,  love getting my hands into the soil.

The sun pouring in the windows really helped.

I even made some green sun tea, even though it was under 30 degrees outside and there was a little snow left on the ground.  It made me long for summer so badly.

Now, the seedlings are tucked in tight under the fluorescent light in the basement...hopefully they'll grow.

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  1. I do wish I had somewhere to start seeds inside our house. I tried to start tomatoes last year and they did fantastic at first, then when they still weren't ready to go outside, they all started dying. I guess for now I"ll have to keep picking all my goodies up at the local greenhouse. :(

    I can't get over this winter. I enjoy the warm and sunny days, but MAN spring break seems so far away. This stretch from January to the first of April with no breaks is a LONG time. We've only even gotten one delay since Christmas. I just keep hoping for fog - or even freezing rain or snow. Something for a surprise day off.


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