Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Each and every minute of each and every day is important...

insignificant or not.

Like the two different post offices and ATM run I accomplished this morning BEFORE work.

I felt pretty good about it.

If I might say so myself.

Each snippet we get is life.  Good and bad, ordinary and extraordinary.

Like starting the day with coffee and a spelling review for Ev.

While definitely NOT Evan's or my favorite thing to do, it helps him get ready for his test on Friday of each week.  He has to memorize 20 words and their definitions.

We do it EVERYDAY.

My coffee, helps me get through it, in my favorite cup.

All the while dreaming about a place I'd rather snuggle up in instead of going to work...

Only to get groceries after work, and come home to more laundry
while Brent makes breakfast for supper before he takes the kids to church...a job I thought I was going to have to do, but which he graciously decided to do.  (25 minutes each way is NOT thrilling.)

Instead, I tackled a couple loads of laundry, filled the coffee pot for the morning, ironed my work clothes, packed my lunch, folded clothes, and then took time to "take a walk" in the basement with my workout playlist in my ears.
Only to turn the corner in the basement to see my seeds sprouting...such a great sight.
All the while it looks like this outside.

I'll take them all, good and bad.

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