Sunday, February 24, 2013

Trend or not

Is living frugally the newest trend?

Maybe not.

Maybe it's just become the most reasonable way to live these days, in uncertain economic times.

Brent and I have had this discussion many times.

Whether or not to be so strict with the budget...

But how else would we stay reasonably debt free?

I was taught to live frugally growing up.

When I stayed home with the kids while they were small, and we lived on one income, we HAD to live frugally.

I made my own baby food, cut coupons, and lived mostly with cash.

I'm really having to do it again, even though we both have jobs these days.

EVERYTHING keeps going up in price...groceries, gas, property taxes, home insurance, etc.

It's sickening.

We've lived by Dave Ramsey's philosophy, and recently I came across this book at our local library...

She had alot of good ideas, and a lot of good recipes.

She even writes a blog,

Living frugally takes ALOT of time.  Planning a budget TAKES A LOT OF TIME.

But in the long run, I guess it's worth it.  It's keeping us afloat.

Do you live frugally?  Do you live by a budget?  Do you have any new ideas for me?

Share please.

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