Monday, February 25, 2013

It controls me

It controls me.

It always has, no matter how nice I am to it.

It's thick, and wavy, (but not in a good way...), frizzy, and flat, big, and out of control.

It's my hair.

Somedays, it's my worst enemy.  Somedays it's not.

I see pictures on Pinterest that I envy.

Pictures where the hair is wavy in a good way, straight in another.

There are some days, I want to scream at the mirror.  You hair defines you, doesn't it.

It does me.

And why is it, when you're hair is giving you the who's who most of the time...and you can't wait to tell your stylist to change it, on the day of your acts like the best hair EVER?!

That's what mine did today.  Crazy stuff.

Styled perfectly great, in record time I might add.

But it was time for a trim.  Time to get it thinned (yes, I have to do it it is so thick...), and time for a color.

Looks so much better.

Feels soft too.

Ah.  Thank you stylist!


  1. Ha ha... I feel your pain! My hair is just curly enough to do what it wants... especially my bangs... and I'm definitely a gotta have bangs girl! I'm probably the only person on the planet that just dries her bangs and lets the rest air dry :) I must say though I've finally found a stylist that tells me whether something will take a lot of work rather than just copying the picture I show her!


    PS I always wanted that super, straight and silky looking dark black hair.... sigh.

  2. I think your hair looks really cute. But you nailed it. Hair does define. Sadly I wear a wig due to autoimmune issues. Hate. It. I try to look at the bright side and recognize that it's fast in the morning and plastic hair handles the rain well. ;-P I lust after long thick hair to play with creatively. Enjoy what you have!

  3. I think I have the opposite hair - baby fine and thin. I dream of long thick hair with a little wave. Instead I have flat, baby hair that does nothing. I tried perming it for a wave years ago - but the evil stuff sucked the perm up in no time flat and I had a head full of frizzy curls that refused to go away. Why is it as women we are never happy with the hair we have?


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