Sunday, February 17, 2013

Menu Diary

So I was at the Library last week (same as every week) and I came across a cookbook of sorts in the NEW BOOK section.

I picked it up because of the cover first.

It had a really cool old fashioned fabric on the spine.

Then I read the title.

Dinner...a Love Story...really.

So, I brought it home with me.  Turns out, I didn't like any of the recipes inside, but I stumbled across something the author had done for years, that I recently started, without really knowing what I was doing.

She kept a "menu" diary.

Each week, she would write down what she was going to make for the week, and notes about it.  Sometimes she would include recipes.  Sometimes, she would make notes, if it were a party, of what was left over, and what was eaten well.

Back in January, I started the same thing...but mine evolved, just because I had gotten a new really cute notebook, and because it's part of my process for planning my meals every week.

I write down, first, what is on sale at the store I normally shop at.

I don't write down everything, just the things I WOULD buy.

Then, I write down the days of the week that I'm planning menus for, and what activities we have going on that week.

It's always easier to plan a meal on a night we have NOTHING going on, because then I have more time, so those night's meals are always a little more involved.

Compiled, it looks a little like this.
Sometimes I even put the amount I've budgeted for the week, cause it all has to come out to that, I do have a grocery budget EVERY WEEK.

Like I said, I didn't start this on purpose, but out of a need to just have it all together to plan my meals.  Based on the week's grocery ad, and what is on sale, and IF I have coupons, that's how I come up with my menu.  It also depends on what kind of time I have that week as well.

It has been kind of interesting to look back at what we've actually eaten over a month.  We have repeats, for sure, but sometimes my kids surprise me with what they'll eat and what they won't.

So, now it's time to go over the computer ad for my grocery store and get ready for the week.

See ya!


  1. Looks very similar to what I do also. Today I've been busy browning ground beef and shredding cooked chicken to tuck away in the freezer for the nights we're busy. It definitely makes a big difference in helping us eat healthier.

  2. Freaky? We have VERY similar handwriting. When I saw the first picture I thought I was looking at something I'd written! I call it my half cursive/half printed type. Either way I like yours ;)


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