Sunday, February 3, 2013


Prayer is a powerful thing.

It is the quickest way to a miracle.

I truly believe that.

My sister is a great and powerful Pray-er.

For years, I've encountered her prayer journal in the strangest spots.  But it's always there.

It was just a little spiral bound notebook that she would write down who to pray for each day.

Some days it was her family, some days her friends, but ALWAYS someone.

For Christmas this year, I made her some fancier prayer journals.

I didn't take a picture of them (hindsight is always 20/20...)

But I found some ideas for some on

You see, I want to make myself one.

I know you don't need a prayer journal to make yourself a better pray-er, but maybe I'll be more organized in my prayers.

Sometimes, in the midst of praying, God will bring a name to me, and I'll actually think..."God, I'm sorry I forgot so and so, but I want to pray for them now..."

Maybe if I wrote it down everyday, I wouldn't forget so many.

You know, I AM a born list maker.

So, one of my resolutions this year.  Make more of my prayer time.  Don't let it be just the same 'ol, same 'ol prayers.

I won't stop praying until I get my journal done, but I do NEED to get my journal done.

How about you keep a journal?


  1. I use small spiral notebooks, just like your sister. Mine go back to the mid-70s. I also keep a list in my calendar that I carry with me. Your prayer notebook is lovely.

  2. Maybe that would help me be more deliberate in my prayer time. I struggle with remembering everything and everyone. Your prayer journals look gorgeous. I need to just get my craft on.

  3. I keep a garden journal... and my blog, which of course is a journal of my life as well :)

    LOVE that you made something so special for a family member to use!


  4. I think the ones you made for me are cooler than your sample pictures. I have to write the names down b/c my memory is soooo bad! Thanks again for the thoughtful gift. Love it!

  5. LOve this! I add onto my prayers much like you mentioned. I need more lists... I do some, but then mostly am consumed as a self employed farmer by the "what's in front of my face" lists! For sure this would be a helpful idea for me!


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