Friday, April 12, 2013

12 Things on the 12th

Not to be pretentious or anything...but I thought I'd share 12 things about myself...on the 12th.

You may already know these, but you may not.

Stick around and see.

1.  My favorite color (s) are red and turquoise.  Preferably together.

 2.  I try to wear a necklace everyday...and I have alot...because I really like them.   I would add these to my collection if I could.


 3.  I love to sew.  I never thought I'd say that after freshman Home Ec when I made a skirt and very fashionable 80's vest! (It was PEACH!)

4.  I would love to have a rotary phone in the kitchen.  This aqua one would do just fine!

 Growing up, we had a harvest gold one in the room between our kitchen and living room.  It had a super long cord that you could move from room to room with.

5.  I got braces in 7th grade and wore them till right after my school pictures in 10th grade.  My 7th grade boyfriend also had braces, and the running joke in our class was that if we kissed, we would get stuck together!  HI-LARIOUS everyone!

6.  I took piano lessons for 6 years while I was young.  I had a really old teacher who I didn't  like very much.  She was the scariest lady.

7.  My favorite subject in school was Math and English.  I had the best teachers.  One of them is Grace's math teacher this year.

8.  I LOVE TO READ.  Enough said.

9.  My favorite place to go is Chicago.  We go up there at least once a year, sometimes more.

10.  If I could do anything as a career, it would be to be a librarian, scrapbook all day long and get paid for it, own my own vintage shop, or host craft weekends every weekend at my house, and get paid!

11.  I never want to camp ever again.  It wasn't bad as a kid, but the thought of doing it as an adult, holds no appeal for me.
And lastly...

12.  I'm glad I started writing this blog...Never thought I would ever do anything like sister was always the writer, but it's been a great experience.


  1. If you hosted craft weekends at your house I would sign up.

    I don't know if you follow the MOB blog for moms of boys but they are starting a book club at the end of April to read the book Wild Things - it's about raising boys

    I just thought you might be interested. The book seems to cover boys of all ages.

    How many days until school gets out for you? We're down to 33.

  2. Loved your list! I am right with you on so many of these! I LOVE red and aqua! Best combo ever. I agree! Camping? Unless there is a nice cabin with potties and showers, no thank you!


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