Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Comedy of Errors

As I sit here listening to the thunderstorm outside, I can't help but reflect on the day I had today that started off on a not so great note.

I was reminded of my dad this morning and his love for comedic actors and how things just never go right for them.  I felt a little like the character "Dorf" played by Tim Conway.  I can STILL hear my dad's laughter (which is QUITE contagious) when we first watched one of those movies when I was a kid.

My day started like this...first of all, every Wednesday is late start day for our school, so the kids get on the bus 20 minutes later, start class 20 minutes later, etc.  I HATE late start Wednesdays.  I have to get this kids on the bus during the time I normally get ready.  Yes, they are old enough to watch for the bus, get ready, etc...but it's getting them focused to do those tasks that takes the time.

Anyway, today, I went back to the bedroom to get ready and relied on them to watch for the bus.  Brent was on the computer in the living room, so he could keep them on task.

20 minutes after they were supposed to be on the bus, they were STILL here.  Weird.  Evan, who was the lookout, swore he didn't see the bus.  We thought she must've sped on past and forgot them.  (Although later in the day, I called transportation to report it, thinking they had a sub that forgot them, only to be told our driver DID stop at the house, and honk her horn a couple times.  REALLY?  Why did NO ONE hear it?)

FIRST not so great thing about the day.

We decided Brent would take Grace to the high school, and I would take Evan to his school since it was only a couple blocks from where I started the morning.

I had to rush a little more since Ev was so paranoid that he would be late and get a tardy.  In the midst of hurrying, my curling iron slipped and burned a little of my cheek.  Great.  Looks like I gave myself a hickey.

We got to school on time, but I realized I forgot my phone on the bathroom sink.  I can't be without my phone in case Grace's practice gets cancelled, or someone from the office calls me, so I RUSHED back home (thank goodness I'm only 8 minutes from the preschool where I start) and got my phone and RUSHED back to work, where I met the kids I help getting off the bus at the preschool.


The preschool day was a little rough, and there were some tantrums, which we all would've been better off without, but it was finally over.

I went back to the office, finished out the day, ran to the store before I had to pick up Ev from ISTEP prep, headed to the high school to get Grace, (where I practically fell asleep while reading my book and waiting,) only to head home and start supper, all the while I'm quizzing Ev for his spelling test.

I did some laundry, got the coffee ready, took the clean clothes upstairs for the kids to put away, got my clothes ready, and STILL have to get the menu planned so I can get groceries tomorrow night.



At least we weren't late this morning, right?  There's gotta be a bright side to the day.

I wonder why I'm so tired.....!


  1. Ha ha... Now I'm tired just reading this! ;)


  2. I think I need a nap now. I don't like late starts or early dismissals. It's hard on every one. I would think that someone would realize that. I think that you did well considering.

  3. Oh, and I forgot, my Dad loved Tim Conway's golf videos. He'd laugh and laugh. They were pretty funny.


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