Monday, April 22, 2013

Ah, sun.

We've seen MANY cloudy days around here for what seems like weeks now.

Spring in Indiana has proven to be very wet, cold, and cloudy.

I MISS the sun.

It's amazing just how much better I feel, happier even, when the sun is out.

Sunday afternoon after the kid's baptism class at church, Grace asked if I could take her to the track to practice her hurdles for her meet tomorrow.

It was FINALLY warm enough to do it, so I agreed, even reluctantly, it was Sunday afternoon, and I wanted to relax myself.

But it was a warm day, and while she practiced...
Evan and I walked the track.

I'm not sure if this is her sport or not.  She LOVES the socialness of it where she can hang around and talk with her besties between the events they are in.

That's what she's all about at 13, socialness.

It felt good to have the sun on my face, even though it didn't help for taking pictures.  I just randomly snapped, not being able to even see what it looked like on my smartphone. (so, sorry if they are terrible.)

I sure hope this warmth continues...we've got places outside to be!

Oh well, spring in Indiana...never know what you're gonna get!   Happy Spring!


  1. I'm hoping we see more sun and warm weather this week too. I've been trying to put in another raised bed for strawberries in the bursts of good days. It seems like spring is awful slow to come this year.

    Did you guys get much rain and flooding? We had quite a mess on Friday. In fact, they had to close school on Friday due to several roads in town and in the county being closed. I've been teaching here for 15 years and I've never had school closed because of flooding.

  2. Ha... I feel your "pain". We were supposed to have a "nice" weekend which ended up being a bit sun and a bit clouds on Saturday, rain and more rain on Sunday until about 2:30. Now on Monday when everyone is at work it is sunny, finally! But then again, that's spring in Western Washington!


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