Monday, April 8, 2013

What swirls through my head

I'm ITCHING to get in my garden.

I NEED to get peas and potatoes and some other early cold weather vegetables planted.  I'm waiting for Brent to get it tilled.  We have heavy clay that gets rock hard.

I'm dreaming of getting it all in the ground, knowing what work I have waiting for me this summer when it's all up and it's time to can/freeze it for the winter.

Ideas from Pinterest go on my gardening board daily.

Things like this...
I'm imagining different colored sunflowers mixed together.  Now, just to find the tank...
Since I LOVE the smell of lavender, and I already have some galvanized buckets, I'm thinking these need to be made.
 I also have an old radio flyer wagon on my porch, and the kids are selling geraniums for 4-H, so there you go...

 In my garden, I have a section just for cutting flowers.  My favorites because they are so hardy and pretty, and last up until fall are zinnias.
I'm a big fan of these flowers too, but I'm not sure what they are.  (if you know...enlighten me!)
When I find an old sink, this would be great for my back patio...
with an old coke crate to go with it.
In general, I LOVE flowers, I love the dirt, and I love the feeling that I'm growing something good for my family.

I think this motto pretty much sums it all up!
Do you garden?


  1. We are on the same page baby! I am planting a couple big galvanized tubs and a enamelware bucket this week! I can't wait.

  2. The flower in question is a dahlia. There are so many beautiful colors...they are started by bulb & need to be dug up in the fall....They bloom very late in the season, so patience comes into play waiting for it's natural beauty. Flowers fuel my soul, a beautiful way to hide any messy area or compliment a beautiful back drop. Happy digging!! You do a great job with all your garden & flower beds every year....hugs

  3. LOVE this post... and not just because that first picture is from right here at Red Gate Farm! It's pre 2008 which is when we built another little building and took down that rustly light pole... and I still plan sunflowers in that trough :)

    I grow those same zinnias... and that last picture is Dahlias. I have a really similar one (if not the same) and it is that same pretty peachy/apricot color. I'm such a lazy garderner that I leave my dahlia tubers in the ground... they're planted in front of the chicken coop (see picture number one again) which is a very dry bed with the overhang. Most of the dahlias come back so it seems to be working!

    Of course I also love the radio flyer idea, coke crate idea and that cute idea for a sink... one of those has been for sale here on a local craigslist ad for $200! It is really cute and if you didn't know it's actually a baby bath...

    I'm sure you are looking forward to spring... I know I am!


  4. Oh... and the sign I forgot to mention the sign! I agree :)


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