Saturday, January 2, 2010

An afternoon with wings!

2010 has already been very productive for me. I've finished several projects knowing Monday we will all go back to school. That is a prospect the three of us are not really looking forward to. you see, each time I have a vacation, I get a little spoiled. I start sleeping in again, getting things done, feeling creative, and then BAM! Vacation is over!

Today was no exception. I wanted to make a cushion for our entryway bench that has been a little naked since my sister gave it to me in June.

So, I'm sewing on my vintage (I don't just mean cute vintage, I mean actual, 60 year old vintage sewing machine, apple green, that I bought at a garage sale 6 years ago for $25.)sewing machine. I turn around and see this:

Grace has always been notorious for dressing up, but today I guess she was feeling a little angelic. Of course, whenever one of them does something that gets a laugh, the other has to do it.

Pretty soon, there is wrestlingand posing

and FINALLY my cushion is done

and everyone goes back to their quiet little corner of the house.

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