Friday, January 15, 2010

Jump on in.

It's been a long week at school. The kids (meaning the 42 kindergarteners we see on a daily basis) have been NUTS all week. The teacher I work with was out 3 days this week due to sickness and meetings, so we've had a sub. It's amazing to me how young kids start to "work over" a sub.
Anyway, this is where I should officially start this post. I technically "checked out" about Wednesday. I started feeling like this week was taking WAY too long. I came home today and started ripping the sheets off the bed. I actually physically flipped over our queen size mattress all by myself because it just needed to be done.

I put on these delicious sheets. No, they are not silky or anything racy like that, they are VERY soft cotton sheets (Simply Shabby Chic sheets to be exact...from Target) that fit the bed perfectly. You all know what I mean. Some sheets ride up over the edges, some fit perfectly. These are perfect. And the design....

So wonderfully vintage looking. That's what sold me in the first place, that and they were on clearance a year ago at Target. Clearance items scream to me as I walk past them in the aisle. Literally scream!

I wanted to make the bed, so I'd feel invited to jump in and sleep away the week from, well, from not a very good place.

I'm very glad we have Monday off for Martin Luther King day. Maybe I'll

just jump right in and sleep the weekend away.

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