Saturday, January 9, 2010

If life gives you snow...make snowcones

It's no secret it's been snowing in my small town. Everyone's talkin' about it, it's the big subject around the supper table in our home. "Will we get more?" "Will we have a snow day tomorrow, or maybe a delay?" The questions are endless, (and sometimes annoying, I mean, what am I, a weatherwoman?)

So, the other day, as I'm driving to school on this particular road I travel everyday, I see this off to my left....

It's the town pond. It looks so serene, so quiet in it's own way. I wonder what the fish are saying to each other under the ice. "Gee, this water sure is cold!" or something to that matter.

This pond has seen me through some good and bad times in my life. When I was growing up, we used to have a little summer festival on the 2nd weekend of June (my birthday weekend, so it was even better.) We had rides, food, you know, carnival stuff, and it was THE place to be. I would get to see all my friends and walk the couple of downtown blocks and have the time of my life.

This pond sits just off of main street. It's the place where everyone gathers for a reunion, 4-H meeting, etc. It's adorable.

It's the place where my sister, not just once, but twice, had an accident. When she was 3 and I was 6, we were here for a reunion. She climbed up to the top of the metal slide, saw a bee, and fell off from the top, splitting her head in the process, and having to go get stitches. (We'll talk about her pension for clumsiness in another post) It's also the place where she somehow, just FELL IN THE POND! Seriously!

It's the place where I was taught how to fish. I LOVE this pond, if only for sentimental reasons. It's even pretty in the late summer with kids beside it (AFTER I yelled at them to stay away from the edge so they don't fall in like Aunt Jenny did!)

They usually don't sit this still (mine, not the extra child in the picture...I don't know her very well.)

But I digress....this is just a simple suggestion to all of those out there reading this (and I hope it's more than my 6 followers! ) Take the time to look at the beauty all around you. Even at the funniest times, a memory might come up and grab you!

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  1. Preach it, Sister!!

    And Thank you for the book suggestions! I am especially excited about the Barbara Kingsolver read. I hadn't heard of it...and I loved Poisonwood Bible years ago.

    I read a book yesterday that started out pretty good, but ended up being blah. It was short enough that I pushed through, but what a bummer!


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