Wednesday, January 20, 2010

It just flew in my cart

One day around Christmas, I was walking around Walmart and spotted something I didn't know I wanted until I saw it. There, on one of the end caps was the most beautiful large frame I had seen for awhile. It was from the Better Homes and Gardens line, and it literally SCREAMED at me. YOU MUST BUY ME. I knew just the place I would put it, above my bed. I've been wanting to change the picture I had there for awhile now. It was $20, and if you know me at all, I'm nothing but frugal, and $20 for a frame just seemed like an extravagance to me, so I walked on by.

Now granted, as part of the Dave Ramsey program my husband and I adhere to, we each get $20 blow money a week that we don't question each other about. I decided to wait, however, and go with the chance that it might still be in the store when I absolutely couldn't stand not having it.

Well, last night I was at Walmart getting some last minute groceries and THERE IT WAS on the clearance aisle, for $15! I had just gotten my $20 blow money for the week out of the bank, and decided this was a sign. It quite literally flew in my cart since there was only one left. I think I actually did a quick glance to the left and right of me, to make sure no one else was going to get it before I did, then I quickly put it in my cart and flew down the aisle. I couldn't stop smiling.

This is where I decided to put it.

What I had there was fine, but a little small for the bed. So, here it is, the new frame!

I added the ribbon and the old fashioned door handle, and the berries, but the frame is what it is.

Just look at the added detail to each corner.

And the background color goes so well with my wall color.

This is an old door handle that came from our first house in Goshen. A 100 year old house that I miss greatly for it's character. I hung it on a nail above the frame.

Here is the end result. I'm very pleased with my purchase. It just goes to show, you never know when a deal will be made. Just don't get in my way if I see it first!

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  1. Blow money rocks!! I think we each got $30 for the month this month...not enough!

    Hooray for your great find and how fun that it was even cheaper than you thought!

    ps- The lemon lush is linked on the blog post. Just click wherever the blue text is. :)


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