Friday, January 1, 2010

Night Owls

To ring in the new year, we all watched a movie on tv. We love movies, and anytime there is a hint of coldness in the air, we're watchin' a movie!

The kids begged and begged all day to stay up till midnight, and watch the ball drop. About 20 times during the night, they kept asking, "Are you sure we can stay up till midnight?" Yes, yes, it's fine.

Brent went to bed around 10:00pm, he claims he had a big auction to go to in North Manchester Sat. morning, and he needed his beauty sleep. The kids and I skipped from channel to channel watching movie stars and musical artists party the night away in New York and Las Vegas. Places that looked like they were having a lot more exciting time than us.

at this time, I looked over at my two darling children and saw this:

Grace having the time of her life, staying up the latest she ever has, and....
poor Evan, all tuckered out, just minutes before midnight.

Even Oreo the cat can't make it till midnight.

Oh well, we had fun. I had to carry Evan to bed, Grace practically skipped up the stairs, and we all slept in till 8:15. I wish it was later, but my children, for the love of pete, have always been early risers. Can't get that out of their system!

Hope you all had a great New Year, and hope 2010 will be great too.

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