Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Caught in the act!

I love our dog, Rudy. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE him! Although, our relationship hasn't been all honeymoons and roses.
He came to us about 5 years ago. Just showed up at our rental house at the time, and never left, as much as we tried to make him. He stuck with us, and he LOVES our kids. He LOVES us, and we love him. He is a good dog, not a very good puppy all those years ago, but a GOOD dog.
Except for one TINY thing.

He makes his bed in my flower beds.

Yeah, buddy. I caught you in the act. Usually, his hearing is so acute, if I unlock the front door, he is UP and OUT of the flowerbeds before I can actually catch him.
I think he's actually AVOIDING looking into my eyes.

He knows he's done something wrong. I was calling his name, and he wouldn't turn his head.
Last year, I actually took time to search the wonderful Internet on ways to keep dogs out of flowerbeds. We had put dumb looking stakes all throughout my beds, and small decorative fences, etc. all to no avail. The Internet ACTUALLY said, you cannot divert a dog from laying in your flowerbeds. Some things like funny smells you put out will maybe divert them for a short while, but dogs are smart darn it! They'll get around the stinky smell, and learn to live with it. Our dogs Rudy, and the puppy Sadie, will just wind their bodies around all the decorative fencing/stakes we've put out. So, I'm ready to throw in the towel. I have purposely left areas of my flowerbeds plant free.
They seem to go back to the same spot over and over again.
Here's the evidence...

muddy paws. We have a creek that runs behind our house where Rudy also loves to go, and his feet get muddy, but these are flowerbed feet!

He's avoiding my eyes again, but I can tell....

and he knows.....he's been caught in the act!


  1. Love it....dogs are so funny and smart! We have 2 terriers that do not know they are DOGS! By the way I rebulit my blog under a new name....Use to be "Izzy's Acres" but now I'm "The Vintage Lady".

  2. too funny. that is totally our new puppy. the other day when we were leaving she was digging in the field & I told the kids she is digging all the way to China! all you could see was her hiny sticking up in the air!!!

    love them dogs!

  3. We have a dog named Sadie, too. She loves to sit in my yarrow plants, which is right next to the chimney. Must be warm for her there. I don't mind her laying there, since it's the only spot she bothers. We also have a creek down the road, so she comes back from swimming just stinkin' like crazy! And muddy! However, she had a litter of pups in January and we kept one, so now I have to deal with 2 kids, 1 baby, 1 dog AND 1 puppy this summer! But we took care of the "dog having puppies" problem on Tuesday, so we should never had puppies again! :)

  4. It is just too hard to resist good old country dirt at it's best!! Dog's feel obligated to protect flower beds or they are posing for a photo shoot you may want to take later....I could read Rudy's lips in that one pic.....nothing to see here I too wrestled flat flower beds for years or digging up dead animal parts they had buried in my beds to surprise me!! lol


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