Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Dinner and a Book(s)

You can always count on me to be reading a book of some sort. I can't get enough reading.
This is the book I just finished for book club. It was VERY good if you like mysteries/suspense. We've read The Time Traveler's Wife by the same author, and this was just as good.
Since I finished the above book, I've started reading my old annual spring standby...
I know I've went on and on about this book before. It might not be for everyone, but I love it. I'll be honest, I skip some of the boring technical stuff about seed companies, etc., but the meat of the book is great. I read it in the spring because it makes me remember why I work so hard with my garden. Why it's so important to me what I'm feeding my kids and my family.
Which brings up what this post is really about. It's been awhile since I posted about my menu of the week. Now that we're hot and heavy into softball/baseball season, I've had to become more creative again. So here goes...
Tues (today)
get groceries, mow the yard......frozen pizza, eaten at 8:00pm because we were working outside
Wed. BLT's, cornmeal crusted zucchini in the oven, cottage cheese, applesauce, carrots
Thurs. Pretzel crusted chicken breast, green beans and bacon, rice pilaf, strawberries
evan game 5:30, grace game 5:30...sandwiches or eat at the ball diamond :-(
Sat. Pepperoni and sausage stuffed Stromboli, peas
Sun. Mother's Day....I'm hoping for dinner out....
Mon. Fried rice, sweet and sour chicken, eggrolls
PTO meeting led by me, swine club meeting...Tuna patties, mac and cheese, vegetable
Wed. Smoked sausage jambalaya, green beans, rolls
Thurs. breakfast with smokie links, pancakes, eggs, yogurt
It's a little random...it's a little unexciting, but it works with the sale flyer from the grocery this week. I only went $3 over my $100 budget for the week. Not bad. I'm getting better!
Every week I post what we're having for the week on our fridge. Mostly for my information. However, sometimes it'll come around to supper time and I don't feel like making what I planned, and I might change it at the last minute. My kids, who surprise me when they actually pay attention to me, and who I don't think even notice there is a menu on the fridge, will say, "Hey, I thought we were having THIS for supper." Can't a girl change her mind? Sometimes I just don't feel like going the extra mile.
Let's just say, my menus, with the hectic sports schedule we're trying to maintain, have been less than stellar. I'm ready to have my garden producing vegetables I can just go out and pluck whenever I want. I'm ready for good tasting tomatoes and lettuce on my BLT's.
THIS is why I read Animal, Vegetable, Miracle EVERY spring. It fuels me. It fires me up!
Happy menu planning to you all this week.

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