Saturday, May 8, 2010

A Trip to the Farm Market

Today would've been a great day for planting the rest of my garden if it weren't for this...

and for the fact that every seed that I started in my basement got fried the other day. Now, let's back track a little. I started my seeds in the basement under a fluorescent light a couple months ago with such high hopes. This past week, the temperatures were fine, so I moved most of the seedlings (I had an epiphany one night, which I know was God, telling me I shouldn't move ALL the seedlings outside) outside into the cold frame Brent built me last year. The first few days went fine. However, soon, the WINDS came. They blew shut the lid of the cold frame one day while I was at school, and just in the 8 hours we were gone, fried every single one of my seedlings, plus all the basil I had purchased from the local greenhouse the night before. To tell you I was very upset is an understatement.

The temps for this weekend were also dismal, and one more chance of frost is in the forecast. With my heart heavy/hopeful, I went to one of my most favorite places on earth today.

Next to my dreams of someday working in a library, this place of employment would also be on the list. This place is a little heaven on earth. It combines a greenhouse filled with heirloom plants that I love, gifts of all kinds, seeds, homemade paper, and antiques. It's very kitschy and homey inside. Just the kinda place my son refuses to go into!

The vintage patio chairs call to me as we walk into the front door. They are beyond my price range, but I've always wanted some like it.

I knew I needed to replace 1 cucumber plant, 7 tomato plants, 3 zucchini plants, 9 basil plants, and 2 pepper plants.

Grace and I headed down each row.

I found all that I needed, and more.

The heirloom tomato plants all had names like: Silvery Fir Tree, Tigerella, Marmande, Brandywine, and Anna Russian. I bought them all.

In the gift shop, there was this item. The price tag originally said $11, but was marked down to $1. How could I pass it up, I ask you?

I had in my mind an idea of where I wanted to use it, and $1 usually screams BUY ME!

I also found these cute cards for $.60 each.

I thought I could arrange/hang them around some pictures.

Here is the final result of the little seeds box.

It works nicely in my kitchen to hold writing utensils, and a pad of paper for the phone.

I love it. And I had a wonderful time browsing my favorite greenhouse. I plant to plant my garden next week, barring unfavorable temps. Let's hope the 45 degree weather is soon a thing of the past.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you tomorrow!


  1. I was JUST at that place on Thursday! I could stay in that little shop all day admiring everything Renee has there...Libby and I made my mom a cute little planter there for Mother's Day...I'm with ya, I would love to work at a place like that!

  2. I figure Evan was enjoying his DS in the van while you & Grace ventured around the quaint little greenhouse...his patience will pay off someday when his wife takes him on outings as well! Glad you found replacements for the ones you lost. Looks like my son in law purchased some pretty roses for the special lady of the house!! good job Brent! Happy mom's day Lorie!! Love ya!

  3. This weather is just BLAH! I just went out to try and cover the garden and newly planted flowers....the winds are still blowing and just blew the covers right off....argh! I hope for the best and no frost tonight!

  4. What is the name of the greenhouse?

  5. I agree-where is this little place? and Happy Mother's Day to you yesterday :)


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