Thursday, May 6, 2010

In A Galaxy Far Far Away...

In a Galaxy Far Far Away....say, New Paris, there is a little boy named Evan who is FANATICAL about Star Wars, and Star Wars Legos. He dreams about them, constructs new ships daily, and even draws them in his spare time.
He wears Star Wars shirts. And thinks he's super cool for doing it, even though he doesn't smile about it in pictures.

On a daily basis, I find my desktop filled with ships that I don't recall the name of...

action packed battles...

and vignettes of all the characters...

When my boy falls hard for a toy, he really FALLS HARD.

Several times over the last week or two, he'll start talking about a ship, or part in one of his star wars movies, or even a certain character. Then he'll ask me a question about it, or ask if I remember it? Most of the time this is how the conversation goes...

>Evan: "Mom, remember in the 6th movie when...?"

Me: "Uh, I guess hon."

Evan: "How come you always say I guess?"

Me: "Well, it's because I just don't remember as much about it as you do. I don't know the names of the ships and parts of the movies."

Evan: "Brother, MOM!"

Sorry buddy, I try to keep up with your thought process, but I just don't have the energy or memory that you do!

I still love you though, babe. Your passion for things astounds me!


  1. I just found your blog through Flower Patch Farmgirl....even though I am a 40ish woman we have so much in common....I too never thought I would be a country girl! I was a big city girl that moved to Indiana 7yrs ago and I love it.....I have a small zoo also....Goats, chickens, cats and pups with horses coming in the happy to find another fellow Hoosier Blogger! Cute kidos you have!

  2. Niece,

    Nice to meet you. I think I want YOUR life. Staying home, searching for antiques/treasures! Which part of IN are you? North, South, East, West?

  3. North Manchester.....just 15 miles southeast of Warsaw.....we are actually on a farm between N. Manchester and South Whitley.....we are right off St. Rd 13.....Grew up in Fort Worth, Tx and worked for years as a teacher asst. with special needs children.

  4. I love your new layout! So pretty! I just got the "Vegetable" book from the library...looks good! Just hope that I can get through it before I have to take it back...


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