Thursday, May 20, 2010

If I only had more time...

It's 9:43 PM and so far I've come home from work, cut someone's hair, went to a softball game that lasted 3 hours (including an hour of practice BEFORE the actual game started), started a load of laundry, fed 3 people supper (late), packed snacks for tomorrow at school, and packed 3 lunches, and this is just a typical night.
I had a friend ask me yesterday, "Well, do you think when you're done with school, you'll blog everyday?" Gee, I never thought about it. I guess I'll try. I'll have to come up with some new stuff everyday! Like for instance, I read this blog the other day, more left unseen, and like the idea of confessions. I'll do that next.
Anyway, I also noticed I haven't blogged since Monday. I'm sorry about that. I know when I read the blogs I read FAITHFULLY everyday, I kinda expect something new everyday from them, or at least every other day.....
So, I'll just tell you what's been keeping me since Monday.....
I've been waiting for these lovelies to show up...

Peonies. Ah, how I love Peonies. Always have. Always will. They remind me my birthday and strawberries are just around the corner, and the smell...the smell is intoxicating! I've been trying with all my might to protect them from you know who....

yeah, he's up there hiding his face again. TWICE I've found a hole, which exposed the roots of my most beloved flower, in my flowerbeds. Which has led me to have to do this....

fill in the area with rocks. And as I take this picture, I notice the rocks are covered with dirt, from, with no doubt in my mind, Rudy. The faithful, loving, crazy, loyal, yet utterly frustrating dog who I cannot keep out of my flowerbeds.

I've also been busy with this...

my very neatly done, if I do say so myself, lawn. I LOVE to mow the yard. Now, this has not always been the case, (I'm sure my mom is laughing right now....)but in the almost 13 years I've been married, this has been my job, and I've loved every minute of it. It's peaceful, it's serene. I can smell the newly cut grass, and then promptly go in the house and treat my allergy infested eyes! (But I still love every minute of it.) Last night the kids and I were talking and I told them to not eat anything until I got in to fix them supper. I reminded them that when they were small, and I would go out and mow the lawn and leave them in the house, they would sometimes finish an entire jar of cookies when I was outside. This brought on severe fits of laughter from the both of them.

Last night, my husband brought home this...

my first NEW washer/dryer set since I've been married. Did you know new washers and dryers no longer come with hoses and electrical plug-ins out the back? RIDICULOUS! Who thought of this?????If I didn't have a handy husband, this would've been a nightmare. Needless to say, it took the both of us to bring these in, and haul our others out...(Does anyone want to buy a still good washer/dryer set for cheap?), and Brent still worked until about 10pm on getting them set up. I'm doing my first load of laundry in these puppies tonight.

Lastly, I had a softball game to attend tonight for my favorite girl.

She did a good job tonight, but I just can't help but wait for the days when there is no school before a game, so she's not so tired. Especially when the games themselves last a good 2 hours, PLUS the 1 hour of practice before the game. That's a long time at the ballpark!

So, because of all this, I apologize for the absence. I'll do better. Counting tomorrow, I only have 4 more days of school. I already have my no school to-do list ready. Remember my pantry is mocking me daily! I need to reorganize it before it gets any worse. I have crafts to make for an etsy shop? I might start, and many other things to occupy my days.

I'll try to not let so many days come between our chats. Now it's time to go watch the Friday Night Lights I taped last Friday with my husband.

Good night!


  1. O.K. love the post! I noticed we must be twins 20 some years because I LOVE to MOW, and no one seems to mow the way I like it but me:-) I also LOVE my Peonies, and to which everytime my kids ask me what it is and I tell them they laugh:/ I have one that is ready to exploed with flowers the color is deep red,and I have a pink one.Can you tell im excited!!!! I might also be interested in the washer dryer I'll have to talk to you about that ,and I need some more eggs,I've been forced to eat crappy store bought over here. Keep up the bloging,and back to the twin thing we love friday night lights .Your uncle taped the same show we just watched it the other night......who knew,

  2. We must be kinderd spirits.....I do most of our mowing of 5 acres and I LOVE PEONIES!!!!! Mine are ready to burst any one early one has. I to have not been good about keeping up with my blogging....I just haven't been inspired recently.

  3. Congrats on the new washer and dryer. Very nice. I also got my first new set this year at our Newberry house. Of course I only get to visit them once a month and they are behind a closet door, but hey, I know they're new! :)

  4. Awww, I haven't seen any peonies in bloom. I love the spring flowers. Peonies and Iris, my favorite.


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