Sunday, May 2, 2010

One big happy family

Animal family that is.
Our sheep are finally back, with babies in their bellies. Sometime this month we'll have little lambs running around the pasture.
I can't wait!

Lambchop, the oldest at 2 1/2 years, is on her third pregnancy. She's looking a little unkempt, but it's just her winter wool shedding off.

Lily, Sally, and Daisy are all excited about the long grass growing just for them in the pasture.

The hens are excited we FINALLY moved them off my garden and into the grass as well.

They keep it fertilized and our egg yolks are so much more yellow when they're eating grass.

The pigs.....well, they are just the cutest things I've ever seen.

Saturday was a big day for them. They got loaded on the trailer very early and taken to the fair where they got new earrings/well....ear tags for the fair. I was awoken by the fiercest squeals ever!

They are getting VERY TAME. Whenever someone takes their food out, they surround them and munch on their boots until the food goes into the trough.

Our little farm/petting zoo respectively, is growing a little more every year.

I never thought I would be happy about this kind of life, but I am, I really am.

I'm hearing a version of the Green Acres song in my head.

"Farm Living is the Life for Me!"

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  1. What a nice little farm you have! Do you keep your sheep somewhere else during the winter? I can't wait to get chickens...we just haven't got a house up for them yet. Nice lookin' hogs too! I should stop by sometime and get some eggs from you...I used to get some from a girl I used to work with and she too had green eggs! Yummy! :)


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