Monday, May 17, 2010

A Little Hard Work

It all started with this box.

At my last PTO meeting, my committee presented me with a gift certificate to the local greenhouse for my hard work as PTO President this year. It was VERY nice.
I knew I wanted to create another flower bed, separate from the ones all around my house, I just needed to find a place. I walked all around the house several times. I decided on this...

at the end of my clothesline, which was painted John Deere Green (DON'T ASK! This was a sore point with my husband several years ago when I received this clothesline as a Mother's Day gift. He wanted John Deere Green, I didn't. He painted it, so this is what I got. UGH!) Anyway...
I started to dig. Our soil is HEAVY CLAY. So, just lifting up the grass was hard. It took me a good 1/2 hour to get this far...

I moved and split some Daylilies that I had, and some ornamental grass. I also used some of the zinnias, and snapdragons I bought at the greenhouse. This is the result.

I took the rest of the geraniums and snapdragons up to the front of the house. I'm not big on annuals. I prefer perennials, because they just come up, and I don't have to worry about them.

The old wagon was mine as a kid, and the window came from a friend who found it and others along the road in a junk pile.

I bought this trike at a garage sale a couple years ago, and I really like it for it's junky appeal. It fits my style.

The day ended with this gorgeous sunset against the amish barn next door.


  1. Our husbands think alike! I got a clothes-line for Mother's Day too, one year. It's not painted, but I like the green! :) I like what you did with the flowers around the pole. I've been thinking about putting a clematis around my clothes-line poles. Hopefully I'll get time to get some flowers this week...

  2. Those flowers make the green pole just disappear. Way to go, O Creative One!


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