Saturday, May 22, 2010

Confessions of a Novice Blogger

Number 1: I am TERRIFIED, UTTERLY TERRIFIED of snakes. Ask anyone. Even the kindergartners in my class know it, and love to torture me with fake ones, pictures in books, etc. I've told my own children, if you see me laying out in the grass/pasture, you know I've seen a snake and have fainted/and/or died. Call 911 immediately!

Number 2: I have decorating ADHD. I know it, and freely admit it. A room in my home CANNOT be the same for more than lets say....3 months before I have to change it. Also, when I saw this picture I posted the other night of my new washer and dryer...

I immediately knew that 4 years of this yellow in my laundry room was entirely too long, so I've decided when school is out, I will paint this room vintage turquoise like the kitchen. I have the paint after all!

Number 3: The perfect job for me would entail running a quaint little country store where I sold my hen's eggs, things I have preserved myself, and cute little kitschy things like homemade cards, etc. However, in my neck of the woods, this AIN'T gonna happen!

Number 4: I would love to be a little taller. 5'2" just ain't cuttin it (and where are all the aint's commin from tonight?) I've been teased all my life about my height, my husband included. His favorite joke always happens on a Sunday morning on the way to church. It's just a given that he drives, and I ride in the passenger seat and read. So, whenever he gets in the drivers seat, he always says really loud, "Who was the last person to drive this? A circus monkey?" referring of course to my height, which then sets the kids into hyperactive silly mode all the 25 minutes to church. This also stems from the fact that unless I'm shopping in the petite dept. of a store, a pair of capri's, looks like a regular pair of pants on me.

Number 5: I don't regret stopping piano lessons when I was a kid. You know that sometimes you hear people say...."I wish I would've continued on with (instrument) lessons longer when I was a kid so I would've retained it longer as an adult." I don't wish that. Never have, never will. I was bitter for awhile when I stopped, only for the fact, that my sister, who is 3 years younger than me, stopped at the same time. I took three years longer from the mean little lady who taught us piano. Not quite fair.

Number 6: I've said it before, and I'll say it again. I don't regret for one minute moving my family to the country. I grew up on a farm and wanted to totally GET AWAY from that when I got married. Turns out, I only got 6 MILES away for 7 years, until we had kids and decided to move to the country. I don't miss people seeing what I was doing every time I stepped outside, and I don't miss the noise. I like the quiet country nights, and the 4 other neighbors on our road, who live a good distance away from us. I like the fact we can take walks on our road, and not have to worry about traffic, except for my grandpa's truck which passes our house at least 5 times a day to go to the main farm. My husband always wanted to live in the country, and for the first years of our marriage, I balked at that. Now, I guess I see what he meant.

Number 7: I wish I was a better singer. My sister has a great voice, and I'm pretty sure I don't. I mean, when I plug my ears, it sounds decent, but I know it's not. When we sing Happy Birthday to the kids in kindergarten, I sing the quietest.

Number 8: I love roller coasters. There is not many chances for me to indulge in this activity, since my husband is afraid of heights, but, I secretly get a big thrill out of them. The way your heart jumps up into your throat, the minute you climb and hill and then plummet down.....nothing like it!

Number 9: I could read all day long and night, if it didn't put me to sleep. I LOVE to read. Give me anything, and I'll give it a try. Maybe not a classic, though. My book club tried that, and I hated every minute of it! My dad loves to read, and passed it on to me. I hope my kids pick up on it. There is just nothing quite like transporting yourself to another world.

Number 10: I'm kinda glad this list is done. I can't think of anything else you don't already know about me!


  1. #1..I am so afraid of mice! We currently have one resident who likes to watch TV with us in the evenings! #2...I just got a "new" laundry room this spring! My w&d were in the entryway and they were the first things people saw, so we ripped out an old bathroom and voila! my w&d have a new home...#3...I have dreamed about opening my own "PrairieTrail Farm" someday, too! I think it could happen in our neck of the woods...#4, I have been playing piano for just about 20 years, and there have been MANY times that I have wanted to quit, but I stuck thru it and I'm glad I did...I play once a month at church. #9, Some girls in my SS class just started a book club and tonight's our first meet. We are reading "Bad Girls of the Bible".

  2. Hey, you happen to have a very good voice. Quit singing quietly! And if you're game, you can come down here on June 15th for a birthday gift and ride roller coasters all over Carowinds with the boys so I won't have to do it! Please!

  3. Ha,Ha,Ha, this made my day.


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