Thursday, September 23, 2010

A bit of Fall

Sorry I've missed the last coupla days. I've been down and out with the flu. The horrible truck runs over you, you get up, and a semi lays you flat flu.
I just thought I had eaten some bad Chinese food Monday night for our 13th anniversary...but no.
I have to say, my hubby was very nice. He picked up the kids from school, since they usually ride home with me, and he got them ready for school the next morning. So, because of his niceness (is that a word?) I'm inserting some pics of him in last weekend's Apple Festival parade. He is so proud, and keeps asking me why I haven't posted these

Thanks again love of my life!
Now, the flu and tractors is NOT what I'm posting about. Last weekend my daughter and I did a little fall decorating. She's been drivin' me crazy about it, so I finally gave in.
I gotta tell ya'll, Grace has the knack for decorating. She put several of the vignettes together, and I'm mighty impressed.
checkin' out the stash...

Grace's doin'
More of Grace's handiwork...

I would have to say, next to Christmas, this is probably my favorite season to decorate for.
I AM waiting to get my pumpkins, though, cause come Thanksgiving, I'm ready to hurl them across the road I'm that sick of them.
Now tell me...what are some favorite fall decorating ideas you have?


  1. Looks terrific! Do you loan Grace out?

    Mine's all up and it looked good to start with. Now, however, I'm noticing that all my little gourds and pumpkins from the Dollar Tree have teeth marks in them... apparently, WeeMan thought they would make a good snack!

  2. I'll bet Brent is so Proud to make the Blog!!! : )
    you guys crack me up!


  3. My favorite fall decoration is my mini orange and white pumpkins I grow every year. I too am ready to throw them out by Thankgsiving!!


  4. Sorry to hear you were sick :-/ I made grape juice the other day! Jars turned out pretty good! Also went to the new grocery store, love it! Love that they have meat and cheese (along with the Rise-n-Roll cinnamon rolls!).

  5. I hope you are feeling better. There's just something about putting out your pretties that make you feel better too. Makes the house all warm and cozy. Nice that you have a helper. I usually do it all!


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