Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The power of numbers

Do numbers rule our lives???? I would say, yes, most of the time.
I decided to make a list (a list you say??? That's so unlike you Lorie, a list?) of numbers and things that happen in accordance with those numbers. Here we go...
  1. No. of text messages I sent while sitting in the Dentist Office waiting room today after school.
  2. Lunches packed for school tomorrow.
  3. No. of outfits Grace and I mulled over for school pictures on Thursday (all in all NOT a bad number considering our tastes don't usually mesh.)
  4. Times I told both kids to GO TAKE A SHOWER after supper.
  5. Times Grace beat me while playing her new favorite game, Guess Who? last week.
  6. Number of miles driven to the Dentist's Office after school (one way)
  7. Scrapbook layouts done the other day in preparation for my scrapbooking weekend away next weekend.
  8. Math problems I helped Evan with for his homework tonight.
  9. Number of times I told the little boy I help at school to be quiet during class (in a 3 hour span)
  10. Number of windows on the lower level of our house.
  11. How old Grace will be on her birthday in January.
  12. Evan's favorite number (date of his birthday....hence the best number EVER!)
  13. Total years Brent and I have been married.
  14. Date that Brent, myself, and my Dad share for our birthdays (2 months apart)
  15. No. of pages I read in my book this morning while I was eating breakfast.
  16. No. of times I thought about printing out the PTO minutes for next month's meeting, but didn't.

17. Recipes I looked at while planning this next week's menu.

18. No. of years I've been out of high school. Yikes!

19. How old I was when I lived in Costa Rica for 3 months.

20. Minutes it takes me to get to the grocery store every week. (one way)

Side note: When I was taking these number pictures today Grace asked me, "What are you doing now?"

I told her, "I'm just taking numbers pictures for my blog."

Whereas she told me, "That's kinda dumb, mom. That's like saying I'm gonna take only pictures of RED things."

Hey, not a bad idea......Maybe my next post will have you seeing RED!


  1. Oh do that next time...red things:) Loved the idea behind this. Numbers do mean alot don't they.

    Okay now to answer your question... I used latex paint in satin with a matte polyeurethane. The satin poly was too shiny. Takes a few coats. Good luck:)

  2. Sometimes numbers make my head hurt, but I love your post. I see a fantastic math/ writing assignment in my classes near future.

    We graduated from high school in the same year. Funny, huh? Also think it's pretty cool you saw the same rainbow last night. I love being surprised by things like that. Hubby was totally making fun of me for all the pics I was taking of it.

  3. I'd check out a "red blog" or aqua, green, blue....

    I'm with Evan, number 18 is definately my fav, my birthday!

    Love the post and the number pics.


  4. My fav is 13..unlucky for some but not for me!

  5. I just found this Vintage Country Girl Blog and your a gal after my own heart. Love the numbers post--how cool is that? Your pics of the town you live in and the tractor parade are great. Can't wait to spend some more time reading your posts this weekend :)

  6. Love these fun pics and great post!!! Numbers, numbers, numbers... I choose to ignore them as much as possible. Not a great success with baking, appt times, bill paying etc., but awesome for forgettin forty sumthin birthdays! I'd rather count my blessings.
    Have a beautiful weekend!


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