Thursday, September 16, 2010

Initials Anyone?

I'm all about my initials. Well, my last name anyway. With a name like Yoder, I share it with ALOT of people in my area. Mostly amish. NOT that there's anything bad about that, but when we were picking out the names of our unborn children, EVERYTHING sounded amish with the last name Yoder, so thanks for that honey! :-)
Anyway, I hope you don't all think this is becoming a craft blog. It's not, NOT that there's anything wrong with that, either, I do like to document our life, it just seems like since I've been back to work at school, I have a lot less time to just go out and take a creative picture of something and blog about it, PLUS, I'm on a very creative streak, AND this sentence is getting very long, so I'll stop.
So, once again I was browsing this wonderful Ladies blog. I can't help myself...she is AWESOME!
and I came across a craft where she made a very cool craft with her initial (S) and some Vinyl.
Now, I've always wanted to have my initial setting around the house, AND I've always wanted to buy the vinyl I can use with my Cricut machine, I just haven't until I did.
Remember that frame I bought at Goodwill last, I'll refresh your memory...

I like it because it was $.50, which on 50% off day makes it $.25 PEOPLE!!! I have red all throughout the house, so this fit well. When I went up to buy it, the cashier said, "Now, isn't that sad...someone didn't even keep the picture of this lady. It's a real picture after all!"
True, how true. I'll show you what I found when I dismantled the frame.
First of all, this card was behind the picture. I'm totally using this for some kind of fall craft! And secondly, this was on the back of the picture.
Familiar to anyone? If so, here's your long lost relative...I'll be happy to send it to you!
So, task at hand, I got out my supplies.
Vinyl and a cricut, who knew it would be so easy?
Now, this paper on the left is NOT pink, it's creme, but for some reason this is what it came out like. Unfortunate.
I just messed around with some scrap paper until I came up with a combo that I liked. Also, the color box distress ink, is a MUST for any project. It gives it that old/vintage/weathered look.

And Wa-la, first one down, one more to go.
Next, at Hobby Lobby, I picked up one of these chipboard initials.

Since both will reside in my home, in the same area, I used some of the paper left over from the frame project.

Then I traced around the initial like this...

cut it out, and adhered it with these (BEST THING EVER MADE. NO JOKE.)

How does it look?


  1. Cute! I love using my cricut. Just discovered vinyl about a month ago and now I'm hooked.

  2. I've never heard of this vinyl, I think a trip to Michaels is in order. I love the finished project!

    Very sad about the photo, I always think of that too when I see photos left in frames at the thrift store. The saddest was a silver baby cup engraved with a little girl's name. It made me wonder how it could end up there.

  3. Love It! And I love the fur...yep I said it!


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