Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Time for a change...HELP!

It's time for the color of the living room to be changed. There, I said it. It's been 4 years now, and I'm tired of it.
Tired in a way that means it feels dark to me, and I want to be brave and paint it a light color like this..... (photo courtesy of restoration hardware) somewhere in the grey/very light tan/white family. Is there such a color?

I see all these cute cottege-y looking living rooms with the white sofa's and the adorable pillows like these... (AGAIN Restoration Hardware) which I'm totally gonna try to make,

and I just want a change. However, I'm not gonna go with stark white walls. I'm a color person, I can't do just white.
So, help me out. This is what color the living room currently is:

It's a grey/dark brown kinda color. It's not made anymore (of course), and as you can see, in different light it looks different colors, but it's just a little too dark for my taste these days.
Should I paint it more like the color of my dining room?

Should I paint the trim white, which seems to be the fashion AGAIN these days, or should I leave it the fake looking oak? Decisions decisions.
I DO know that I will try to make one of these soon: (pottery barn)
and I will get some of these (pottery barn) (but I will get them MUCH cheaper) and maybe paint a number on each one and set them around the living room.

But PLEASE, for the love of pete, give me some ideas about the color of my living room. It's the cheapest way to change the look of your home, and I'm all about the cheap. I absolutely despise painting, but I do it out of love for my home.


  1. I've seen other people paint their rooms a soft white/ grey color. So they do make it. I'd probably never be able to pick it out at the store. I'm terrible at judging colors based on those little samples. I'd probably find something in the color you want and go to somewhere with the ability to match it. I think Lowe's does that.

    I love the idea of the colors together. I've also been jonesing to paint numbers on buckets and make some burlap pillows. In fact I just bought a ton of burlap on ebay today. I'm planning pillows, curtains, and a table runner. Not all in the same room though! I think that'd be too much. I just bought buckets like that at the dollar tree only a little bigger. Good luck. I'll be watching for pics!

  2. Take a look at this site:
    You might like her style. She has the colors that she has painted in her house on the side bar. There is a grayish color. I love her stuff and she seems very frugal.

  3. Yikes, I think Blogger ate my (overly long) comment. :-( Blah blah blah, I painted my living room 4x in 4 yrs so guess I'm no help... Will watch eagerly for your next fun design. Good luck!

  4. I think the color of your dining room is along the lines of my suggestion....white is too psych ward-ish!! I do like white trim though. :) 4 years, that must be some kind of record for you!! Good luck!

  5. if you find any colors you like in the Pottery Barn magazine, you can get the exact color at Benjamin Moore for no extra cost. that's what we ended up doing, and were really pleased with it...we used the color "hush" which sounds kinda like what you're talking about. but maybe it's too tan for your taste?? hmmm...i'm sure whatever you chose will look fantastic, you've got great taste!


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