Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Painting always leads to confession

Wednesdays are Painting Days in Kindergarten. Yes, it's capitalized because it's just THAT important.
Painting Day is both my most favorite and unfavorite day of the week. Favorite because the kids are SO excited to paint....WHATEVER they want. That's the stipulation...anything goes...even squiggles.
So, this is usually how painting day goes down. As they are arriving, I'm putting names on the painting papers and filling the cups with paint. I like to mix this part up, cause that's how I roll. One week, it's only primary colors, one week I'll throw in a purple or brown or black. They go NUTS for this. What will Mrs. Yoder pick this week? There is always one (and you know who I'm talking about...let's call them the overachiever) who finishes their paper first and wants to be in on the action. I usually let them put the brushes in the cups and then be one of the first 4 to paint (yes, we're HIGH CLASS in Kindergarten, we have 4 easels going at a time.)
This is one reason why it's one of my favorite days of the week. They are SO excited, but there are ones who just want to do it as fast as they can so they can get back to playing...we call them BOYS!
Painting, and I'm not sure why, always leads to confession.
This little boy painted his mom's bed, and told me that's what it was at least 3 times.
I'm not sure why it has a ladder, and I didn't ask. Some things are best not to know. Maybe his mom sleeps in a bunk bed...who knows!
I'm not sure what this one is...
but while the little boy was painting it, another little boy ran up to me and told me his head itched because he had termites. TERMITES. I didn't argue with him (you DON'T argue with this boy. He's already told the teacher NUMEROUS times he knows EVERYTHING!)
This little girl's picture is as cute and straightforward as she is.

This little boy's painting is my favorite today.
I LOVE the way all the colors are mixed, and how much joy he had making it. You see, he is the one who will struggle ALL year. He frustrates me the most, yet is the one I want to give the most love to. He is the one I always call up last because he mixes the paint in the cups (a no no) and ruins it for the rest of the class. He had such joy painting this today.
THIS is why painting is my favorite day. Wearing paint on my clothes is why it's my most UNFAVORTIE day. I need an apron. I need to just face facts.
Now today I didn't hear more than that one confession about the termites, but I usually hear a lot.
I will share a funny conversation I overheard with 2 boys though...We have a little "office" station where there is an old rotary/push button phone, order books, and pens and pencils. I saw one little boy pick up the phone and say..."I need 299 cupcakes...FAST!" The other little boy on the other side of the desk said, "OK, but we're out of blue!" and he slams the phone down. This went on for a good 5 minutes and cakes, and cupcakes galore were ordered. I just know these two will either become chefs, or business men, or secretaries, etc.
I know, no matter what, I am guaranteed a laugh every day. Some days I need it more than others. Today was no exception. I left with a laugh and blue paint on my skirt. UGH!

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  1. ooooohhhhh i laughed hard @ this post! love the bed pic with a ladder. I'll bet you hear so many good stories all day long! bless you for lovin on those kids!

    as always, Lisa (not Lindsey) :0 gotta get that fixed


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