Monday, September 6, 2010

Labor Day...Say What???

Today was Labor don't say? I took it literally.
I'll just run you through the madness...
Tried to sleep in. No luck. Getting up at 5:30 am every morning really shoots sleeping in to pieces.
Got up, and mentally went through the to-do list I had made the night before...all while drinking my coffee.
Did some laundry.
Went outside and took some random pictures...

Excuse the weeds. I'm saving that for a cooler day.
Moved around some furniture in 3 rooms. Not a huge change, but it made a difference in each room.
Did some more laundry.
Took the kids laundry upstairs to put away.
Made a clipboard for a teacher at school.
Did some more laundry.
Made and ate lunch when Brent came home from the toy tractor show.
Folded some laundry, and then did ANOTHER load.
Swept the carpet, and then made Grace sweep the rest. (Had to find the earplugs first, she hates the sound of the vacuum.)
Did the LAST load of laundry for the day.
Found out I got the wrong kind of pectin for the jam/jelly I was going to make today, so I had to CAN it. BROTHER!!!!
Made grape jelly and raspberry mango jam. Yum. But it made the kitchen hot, so I had to crank this baby up on HIGH (cute though isn't it? I love the retro look).
Thought about sitting here while Brent grilled supper, but I didn't have the time.

Sold some eggs to our neighbor.
Gave some zucchini to my aunt.
Came in and had a yummy grilled supper.
Paid the book rental for the kids.
Packed our lunches for tomorrow.
Can't wait to jump in here.
Hope you all had a great Labor Day!


  1. Isn't it funny how mom's don't really get to sit around and enjoy Labor Day. Mine was spent in very much the same way.

    Your jam looks so pretty - I bet it tastes delish. I've got to get motivated and do something with all the tomatoes I've got running out my ears. I think I'll be trying my hand at salsa. Hopefully it's not too hard!

  2. Love all these images... The picture in my head of you doing mounds of laundry too - sooo me, it just never stops. Your red chair is extra cute and your bedroom looks serene. I really like all those pretty jam jars. They're always the best decor to me... Thanks for sharing the eye candy!


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