Monday, September 13, 2010

Paris, France or New Paris???

The other day on our trip to Hobby Lobby, Grace picked out a wall sticker that got me thinking.
First of all, it was 1/2 off, so it wasn't a bad price, and it was adorable! It was the Eiffel Tower and it was brown.
Now, her room is purple if you remember, which is a hard color to decorate with. We're trying hard to bring it into the tween years without being too garish.
So, along with the brown wall sticker, I bought some brown paint (espresso to be exact.)

Oh, and just a side note, if you don't have one of these....spray paint "guns" I call them, you MUST get one. It keeps the paint off your hands.
As you can see, mine has other paint colors on it from many uses before this. It was a GOOD buy.
Anyway, I used the paint to paint this side table,

this lamp,

and these drawer pulls from her desk.
The table turned out good, and so did the lamp, well, everything did actually.
(I don't know why this picture is fuzzy....was I really that excited about the color?)
So, the lamp also needed some sprucing up.
I took the rather boring tan shade, some cocoa colored ribbon, some gems, and my trusty hot glue gun.
I had an idea in my mind the whole time, but this is what evolved, and I really like it!

Tell me, does a girl going into the tween years still love having a jar full of bouncy balls hidden out of view behind the curtain? (the answer is YES!)
Next we hung up the wall sticker. LOVE it by the way! (note the drawer pulls and side table)

Of course, since we now have a wall sticker from Paris and we live in New Paris, we needed a Paris sign for the door.
By the end of this project, we were BOTH happy, and that's sayin' alot!


  1. Ha, I used to live in Paris...Ontario! I've seen those paint can attachments but had forgotten about them AND I have a chair to paint for my son, soon, very soon, and I think I'm going to owe you a big one for reminding me about it! : )

    Great job with the lamp and I LOVE the jar of little bouncy balls..don't hide it, it's too cool!!


  2. You are one crazy crafty lady!!! You should have gone that extra semester! (Wasn't it a semester??) When are you going to teach me about decoupage??? You will have to put me on your other list. :) Not the eggs list. Although, I would take some eggs. :)

  3. Nice job ladies! Love the Eiffel Tower and the link to your own place!

    I think brown "goes with" everything, just like black or white, so I really like the color combo.


  4. I love the brown with the lavendar. They look fantastic together.

    I invested in one of those amazing sprayer inventions too. Wish I could invent something so handy like that.

  5. Ooo la la ~ so pReTtY!!! I just bought a spray paint handle today (I'm always late to the party)... Thanks for the fun inspiration to go use it!


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