Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Eleven on the 27th!

Tomorrow my oldest turns 11.

How could it have went this fast? Really.

She was just my baby. My firstborn. The girl we had to drive around in the car for hours just so she'd go to sleep!

We've already started the festivities for this young one.

Tonight at church for her girl's group, she took her turn taking snack. Of course, since it was so close to her birthday, we made it a little more special.

They had pretzels and my buttermilk sugar cookies with buttercream frosting.

Tomorrow she'll celebrate at school with these chocolate cupcakes,

and Friday she's having 4 girls spend the night (plus a friend for Ev) for a "Paris" themed party (pictures will definitely follow in another post).

She'll open presents during breakfast tomorrow, and then we're off for a day of celebrations capped off by supper at her favorite Mexican restaurant.

So before I get all weepy, I'll share 11 things about my 11 year old girl.

1. She has straight blonde hair, and bright blue eyes that one day boys will drool over.

2. She's a naturally great speller (won our school spelling bee and went on to the County one.)

3. Is very tall for her age. (Hope this continues for her sake because it doesn't run in our family!)

4. She's a leftie (and she thinks she's the ONLY one...but it runs on both sides of the family)

5. She's quick to try new things, and is becoming a daredevil.

6. Learned how to drive our 4 wheeler at the age of 9.

7. Has participated in basketball, softball, volleyball, and gymnastics in the last 5 years.

8. Is quick to laugh at most everything.

9. Loves deeply.

10. Plays a mean game of Guess Who? (beats me EVERY TIME!)

11. Wants to be a teenager so bad she can hardly stand it!

That's Grace in a nutshell.

I can't believe God has shared her with us for 11 years already. We are so GRATEFUL!


  1. She is so cute....tell her to have a blessed B-day!

  2. oH the years oldest girls are 22 and 21 and it just seems like yesterday they were your daughters age...she can wait to be a teen...but she won't get it because it looks so alluring...

  3. Happy, Happy Birthday to your baby girl! Just wait.....mine are now 27 and 29 with babies of their own.... Lordy Be, I still can't believe it! They are still my babies... the years fly by soooooo fast!

  4. she's so beautiful! happy birthday, grace :) ohhh, i remember when jamie and i crashed your place when she was a newborn....what were we THINKING?!?! the fact that you didn't immediate banish us shows that you are a cousin of true grace and patience. :)

  5. Oh Gracie, just 1lyrs. ago you blessed us as first time grandparents! We have been in love ever since! Five little ones in a six yr. span has been such a joy. You are such a sweet, caring, beautiful inside & out young lady. Always be yourself and a great role model sweetie. Happy Birthday...we love you to infinity & beyond!!!! grandma & grandpa S.

  6. She is beautiful. I know how fast it goes and it is warp speed for sure. I love that she is a great speller. I loved that spelling bee post on her. I love her cupcakes-so pretty and perfect for an 11 year old. She has moved beyond 2 hands now. Remember how big a a deal that was? I still do :) Happy Birthday Gracie.

  7. Happy Happy Birthday to her!! She is beautiful.

    The cookies and the cupcakes look yummy too. Our school corporation went to a no homemade treats policy - which I think stinks!

  8. Happy Birthday to your gorgeous girl! Hope it's a wonderful year!
    I too remember those hours with my baby in her car seat napping - how fast they fly...

  9. Happy Birthday to your beauty! I have one nearly the same age.

  10. She is beautiful! I can't believe how quickly it goes either. SCARY! We are also having a Paris themed party!

  11. We happen to think she's a terrific NIECE too. Hope your big day was terrific, Grace. We love and miss you!


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