Friday, January 7, 2011

Top 5 quotes of the day

I'm a kindergarten teacher's aide.

This you know if you've delved into my profile before.

While this might not be my dream job, I have it because I want to be at the same school with my own kids and keep the same holidays as them.

There are days that I am drained emotionally and physically, but there are also some extremely funny moments that bring me out of my funk.

Here are the top 5 quotes from the last couple of months. All names have been changed to protect the actual people!

#1 I was talking to a fellow staff member in my room one morning and we were laughing about something. A little kindergarten girl came into my room and said, "WHAT are you LAUGHING about?"
I said, "We were laughing about something funny."
"Well," she said, "Sometimes adults think things are funny, but THEY ARE NOT!"
(ok, she really knew how to put us in our place... and laugh all the harder!)

#2 I was walking down the hall with a little boy I take to another teacher on a daily basis. As we walked, he started to really grab his butt. I asked him what was wrong and he just kept right on diggin'. When I asked again, he said in an exasperated tone, "My underwear were STUCK to my butt!"

#3 We have an incentive program at our school called the smiley face program. When teachers, or staff members in the building catch your class being quiet in the hallway, etc. they can give them a smiley. For each smiley face increment of 25, a party is usually awarded to the class. We have pajama day, or extra recess time, etc. Whatever the teacher chooses. So, one day, we were doing a math paper, and it was a little difficult for them. I was helping the little boy I help on a daily basis, and the little girl across the table from me said with a great sigh, "I could really use a smiley face party about now!" (Yeah, well, I could really use a FRIDAY about now too honey.)

#4 I walk a little boy named, let's call him George, to another class each morning. One day, out of the blue, as we were walking past our librarian, George blurted out (about the teacher we were going to see) "I would like to lick Mrs. Jones. I bet she would taste like a chocolate chip cookie!" The librarian and I got a good laugh out of that!

#5 A little boy in our afternoon class repeatedly hugs me in a gigantic bear hug each time we go down the hallway for a bathroom break. (why he picks this time of day, I'll never know...) One day he told me as he hugged me, "You're about my favorite person right now." ( about in 10 minutes?)

So, as you can tell, kids will say the darndest things. To them, most everything is black and white. There are NO grey areas. They usually know when I've had a long day, cause they'll go and say something extremely hilarious.

May you all find yourselves belly laughing at least once a day!

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  1. These are all wonderful. You should write a book at the end of the year to share all these wonderful quotes. Gotta love them!


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