Saturday, January 1, 2011

Welcome 2011!

We didn't spend the last hours of 2010 like normal people. I'm sure you all were out there hootin' and hollerin' at parties around the world.

Not us. Call us boring I guess...maybe pathetic that we didn't get invited anywhere...but we had a good time hanging out at home. While I was up making things, the kids were throwing all of scooby doo and his gang over the second story railing. They had a ball, and were laughing hysterically. I don't know what was so funny, but they were having a good time.

While they were doing this, I decided to try out my Christmas present. I cranked up the electric on my new sewing machine and got to town. Now, granted, over the course of 4 hours, and 3 projects, the sewing machine and I had PLENTY of words. For all it's newness, it was having a few glitches.

I suppose it also had a lot to do with the fact that it is TOTALLY different than my 60 year old one. I was just THRILLED that it has a button for reverse stitching. You don't know how happy this made me since on my old one, I had to physically turn whatever I was sewing AROUND to reverse it by hand. What a pain.

I've been boasting for awhile now that I wanted to make some french pillows like I've been seeing around. Well, I finally did. At goodwill last week, I came upon a steal. They had a Target brand burlap curtain that was huge. Turns out, it made my pillows and the little somethin' extra I tried my hand at!

Now, on the first pillow, I used something I found at Hobby Lobby. I'm sure I must've used it wrong, because I HATED it. Strong words, I know, but really, it was terrible! Spray fabric paint. DON'T BUY IT. Use paint the old fashioned way, people.

Anyway, I stenciled on the word family, and left the other pillow plain.

I even made a lapped over back so that I can take the pillow out easily and wash the cover.

These were easy to make, but the next project gave me some grief. I actually made one and ended up trashing it. This is what came out of 2 hours, and many words with the machine.

The fabric flower and doily are removable. Simple.

You see, this lady is my inspiration. I want to live with her to soak up her creativeness. Problem is she lives in Colorado!

These two purses that she makes and sells in her etsy shop were my inspiration:

Purse #1. One very similar was sold here at her shop.

Purse #2. This one was sold at her etsy shop as well.

Mine is kinda a mix. Bambo handles from one, ruffles from the other. What do you think? I'm gonna use it to go shopping today and see how I like it.

Now, back to our celebration last night.....we got the sparkling grape juice out, some snacks, and THEN had to wake up daddy from his chair 10 minutes before the ball dropped. Daddy went to bed after midnight, and the kids and I stayed up and watched the after parties till 1:00 am. It was fun, and just our speed.

Bring on 2011!


  1. I think that sounds like a wonderful New Years Eve. I'm also loving your pillows and your purse - if you decide you don't like them you can send them my way!

  2. I'm super impressed! You are one creative Mama. Oh man, I wish I could sew! And before I even read the part about your inspiration, I thought that your bag reminded me of one of Jeanne's creations. Keep it up! And Happy New Year. :)

  3. That purse is beyond cute. I love it!!! I want one :) You are quite the seamstress if you ask me ( I can’t stich a button). I love the pillows too-wonderful :)


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