Wednesday, January 12, 2011

My organizing habit

Brent took the kids to church tonight.

I had 2 hours all to myself. 2 HOURS. This never happens. (well, at least I can't remember the last time it happened.)

I didn't quite know what to do with myself, so after I did some laundry and swept, I did what I do best...organize.

I'm not sure why I like to organize so much, but it calms me somehow.

After I read this wonderful blog from my friend Carrie yesterday (well, we're not really friends, but I think we were best friends separated at birth seeing as we have so much in common...)

I knew I needed to show you some of my organizational problems (or solutions if you're looking for some!)

This is part of my craft table. It's one of my most favorite places in the whole house! It's my scrapbooking table, my card writing station, and now my sewing area.

I have some drawers for scrapbooking odds and ends and sewing notions.

I have alot of ribbon, (not as much as some of you, I'm sure) but I have plenty. After I saw this little cutie on a blog the other day, I knew I needed something for mine.

I found these little cubbies at goodwill before Christmas. They do the job.

I have pens, which are organized by color of course.

And old swim locker baskets for idea books and

rubber stamps, and other things.

I have plenty of shelves for books

and CD's.

We have storage for legos (thank you Grandma Sommers!)

and rubber balls.

Not only is there a binder for recipes, but one for canning amounts and gardening ideas.

Yes, I might have a problem, but I can't ever say that I don't know where something is!

If you need some ideas, ask me. I'd love to share them!

Happy organizing!


  1. Oh, I sooo need you to come organize me! I am getting ready to finish our kitchen remodel and I am trying to think of how to set-up/organize our soon to be walk-in pantry...

    Hi! I am Cris, I found you through blogger as a fellow Indiana blogger :)

    Oh, and I'd just LOVE to see the contents of that canning binder :)

  2. I love your craft space--it’s beautiful and fun. I would be so thrilled to be this organized and not only organized--but CUTE! I need you to come spend a week at my house :)

  3. Love your craft area organization! Wish I could keep mine so pretty and organized.

  4. Girl with those organizing skills, I'd have to say we were definitely separated at birth. Your such a sweetheart, and you really made my day with your kind words...thank you so much. If only we lived close together... we'd be an organizing powerhouse. Hugs-Carrie

    P.S. I love all of your goodies and how you've organized them.

  5. What a beautiful way to organize. Love it all. And the reds! And *especially your gorgeous kids*!!! Another inspiring visit... Thanks!


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