Thursday, January 20, 2011

Truth does your garden grow?

I've already started looking hard at the gardening catalogs hittin' my mailbox.

What, it's only January you say? Well, all the more time to plan, right.

I AM a planning type of girl.

In my organizing post the other day I showed you these...

I keep one for canning, which tells me where I bought my fruit from to freeze, how many of each thing from the garden I canned/froze, as well as how much each thing cost for me to buy if I had to buy it, and in what quantities.

The Gardening binder keeps track of my garden layout for the year, what seeds/type I planted, as well as the cost of all that too.

I realize this is a little OCD of me, but it helps me from year to year know what worked well and what didn't. Believe me, it's hit or miss around here with the kind of hard clay soil we have. Some years I've had an over abundant garden, and some years, I've had to plant it 3 times (last year) because our fertilizer either burned it, or we got too much rain, etc.

My garden keeps us in produce for the whole winter. It makes or breaks how much I have to spend on groceries for the winter too. It's awfully nice to go to my freezer and get a box of strawberries out in the middle of February that ACTUALLY taste like strawberries.

You ALL know what I mean, don't pretend the strawberries you buy in the middle of winter actually have a flavor. They don't.

So, as I look through my catalogs: The cooks Garden (, Burpee (, and Park Seed Company ( I get excited.

I plant both flowers for my cutting garden as well as vegetables.

So, as I was perusing the websites today, I thought this might be some of the items for this year...

Jade green beans

sweet peas

2 kinds of butterhead lettuce (heirloom variety)

zucchini (which usually over runs my garden, and usually grows to the size of a small baseball bat because we have so many...)

big rainbow heirloom tomatoes (really yummy!)

red potatoes

and onions (only for Brent...I HATE onions...but that's another post)

watermelon, jewel strawberries ( I have 3 rows that come back every year)

this beautiful new variety of zinnia called red lime

peonies (my favorite)

and cosmos (a flower that comes on strong and lasts for months!)

I'm really chompin' at the bit to get going. Last year I started seeds in my basement under a flourescent light. Some ended up making it, and others didn't.

All I know is that I'm ready to get my hands dirty! How 'bout you?


  1. Oh, I saw that new zinnia in my Park Seed catalog... I was planning to get that one along with the zinnias I usually get!

    I usually spend 2 or 3 weeks looking at the catalogs every night, trying to decide what to get.. such a joy at this gray, yucky weather time.

    I too keep a gardening journal. It's been a lifesaver since we moved here and created all of the flower beds, as well as for the vegetable garden. My husband is always trying to get me to do things by saying it's when we did it in the past... of course I can show him in my journal because I keep track of planting dates!

    I love the idea of a canning journal... what works, what doesn't, etc. I think I'll be on the lookout for a cute notebook to start one this year!


  2. Can't wait for planting season....Jades are great, we planted them last year....great for canning! We have raised beds and we are adding another this season....just too much I want to plant! I am adding a strawberry patch this year for the first time!

  3. I love my garden - I only wish it was bigger. Last year weeMan and I planted one entire bed of zinnias and then we spent hot lazy July days watching the butterflies. I've never had so many butterflies in the yard - and they were so content with the zinnias weeman could walk right up to them.

    I'd love to have the space to plant strawberries and beans and zucchini. Unfortunately I have to stick to tomatoes and peppers for now.

  4. Hi Lorie, You're the winner for the January Giveaway. Send me your info and I'll get your goodies out to you.
    d e n i s e

  5. Hi Lorie, Congrats on winning The Painted Home giveaway. I am your newest follower and was excited to see where you live. Most of the blogs I read the gals are from the east or west coast.... I live in Mishawaka... so, Howdy Neighbor! :)

  6. I love that you are a planner. I need to be much more organized --could use your help :) That zinnia--oh my gosh, a must have. I am a zinnia freak--love them. This is going on my order list ;)

  7. I was just talking with my husband about planning a veg. garden with beans and heirloom tomatoes. I hope it works out! Peonies are my absolute fave!


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