Saturday, January 29, 2011

Love...homemade style.

I'm a big fan of decorating for the seasons. Really. I am.

I have decorations for Easter, and Thanksgiving, and Christmas. (LOTS of decorations for Christmas!)

But for Valentine's Day, not so much.

However, this year, I decided to put some up. Some HOMEMADE ones. You see, my inspiration over at Flowerpatchfarmgirl made these lovelies.

I didn't have a heart punch like hers, so I just folded magazine papers in beautiful colors in half, and free-handed the hearts.

HUNDREDS of hearts while I was watching a movie one day.

It took me an entire 2 hour movie to make these. (Probably would've went faster with a punch...I priced them in the store...but it wasn't worth it.)

I just used my tape runner to attach them all together, and put them on long pieces of embrodery floss I had in my sewing box.

I think I like flowerpatchgirl's are a lot better....but mine do the job.

Then I added some decorations I already had.

Helps that I have red throughout the house anyway.

It's comin' ya'll. The Holiday is upon us.

Don't hesitate to tell your sweetheart/kids/anyone you love them. NOW!


  1. I like that your hearts are each a little different. Now if only I had time to watch a movie and make one of these myself in the next 2 1/2 weeks...


  2. I love to decorate for all the holidays too. Funny, I don’t have many Valentine’s decorations either but I have a few. I love the garland--I may try to make some :)

  3. Yours turned out much better than mine. I think I was rushing too much. Mine ended up all different sizes. (I don't have a punch either - gonna watch garage sales this summer though!)

  4. Wow! your decoration is beautiful, I haven't decorating our hour for valentines. You inspired me to decorate our house. Thanks to your post :)

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  5. Love those hearts...I need to do something for V-day but can't come up with anything original. Oh well! Love what you did!

  6. I love your heart garlands! So pretty and festive. I like to decorate for Valentines too but my stash is severely lacking.



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