Friday, February 18, 2011

Are you lookin' at me!?

I never thought I'd be a chicken girl.


But I have to admit, they are one rowdy, interesting bunch.


Never thought I would have this in my yard, either.


It's currently residing on top of my garden, hence all the MUD! That chicken poop is like liquid gold for my sweet corn.


Never thought I would ask my kids how many eggs they collected every day. EVERY DAY.

It's like a contest. Every day. We have 15 hens. Not all the hens lay an egg everyday. (We might have some lazy ones in the bunch....but we don't know which ones they are.)

On good days we get 12. On bad days, maybe 6. Someone is SLACKIN' on those days!

Never thought I'd smile every time I say "Hey girls" and get a chorus of cackles.

They definitely know who feeds them! They like all the goodies like bread and lettuce, and strawberry tops from the garden. And they can strip a watermelon rind clean in about 30 seconds!

Never thought I'd get a kick out of an Araucana chicken who lays the lightest color of seafoam green eggs.

(She's the prettily colored one up front.)

(Can you tell which one is the "green" egg?)

Never thought I could watch an animal for what seems like hours as they just go about their business. (They really ARE interesting to watch).

We give our hens wonderful accommodations. Each little box has it's own little privacy cover on one side, and is enclosed in the back with a hinged cover the kids lift up to get the eggs. Doesn't my "old" Hawaiian material make you feel like you're in the islands? Think the hens feel the same?

They get all the grass they want in the summer, and grain in the winter, along with anything they can find in the garden.

My best reference about raising them has come from this book. It taught me alot when we were new to all of this.

Now it's just old hat!

Today I'm liking up to Verde Farm's Farm Friend Friday. Run on over here to check them out, or click on the link below.

Just be careful what you say to a might get a look like this...

I'd run if I were you!


  1. I have the same "keeping chickens" book. I bought it when we got our chickens. I love the idea of the moveable coop, it sure would come in handy for my garden.


  2. Oh I want to get this book. We have a couple but I love to read them. I would say your chickens are living in a beachy resort hotel. That tropical fabric would make any hen lay a beautiful egg. I so want Araucana chickens so I can have green eggs too. You have the most amazing chicken tractor ever! So glad you joined up with Farm Friend Friday--just loving your posts :)

  3. hi chicken lady, i just found you from farm friend. someone else mentioned that book a few days ago. love your moveable chicken coop. smart. we don't have chickens but i like to read about them. maybe one day~!

  4. I can also spend way too much time watching my girls! I just love my girls and my 1 boy Floyd.....we got lucky with him, he's a good boy! I love your chicken house!

  5. So glad I read your blog today! And just in time! I had a conversation with my husband this morning about getting chickens. We have a chicken coop already in place but I truly don't know anything about raising them. I'm going to have to go get that book! Thank you!!!!

  6. Such pretty ladies. They certainly look like they are quite spoiled.

  7. She does look like she's giving you the hairy eyeball! Too fun-enjoy:@)

  8. I'm so jealous. I keep telling hubby we have to move out of town so I can have some chickens and maybe a goat or two. He's not cooperating so far.

  9. i want to raise chickens! don't know if this will ever be possible in suburban chicago...but we'll see...
    i'll have to check out that book you mentioned.
    your hens are the cutest!

  10. We're reading descriptions and planning our first ever chicken order this week!


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