Monday, February 14, 2011

My way to relax

I've been busy readin' these past few months.

I'm a reader. Sure I am. I get it honest from my dad's side of the family.

Just so happens most of us were together last night, and of course we were discussin' books.

What, you mean this is not a normal family discussion?

It IS on the Sommers side!

So, let me just enlighten you with some of my reads from Jan. and Feb.

This selection of books is NOTHING if not eclectic. It runs the gamut of beach read to suspense, to historical fiction.

Nothing is too good for me to read...well except for biographies. I just CAN'T get into biographies for some reason.

So, since Jan. is such a boring month is this area of the U.S. what with snow a foot outside your door, or slush....this is what I started with.

It was what I had gotten my dad for his birthday last August. Let me just tell you about my dad. Fastest reader I know. Sometimes finishes books in a day. What dedication. I wish I could do that!

So, he passed this on to me, and I read it. I have to say, it was a great disappointment, and I didn't get it finished. I ALWAYS finish books. This one just didn't have a great lead in. Too much work!

So, next I read this

Michael Connelly is a standard for my dad and I. He has many if not all of his books, and we've read every single one. Good suspense.

Then, knowing it was my turn to lead book club in February, I picked this. It called to me one day from the book aisle at the store. I have read this author before, and her stories are easy to read, and this was no exception. Very interesting book. Good twist at the end.

Next was another pick from my dad. Another author we've read before, and a great book if you like suspense.

A couple days after I read the Lee Child book we were at the library. Yes, I've trained my kids to LOVE the library as much as I do. We go weekly. Unfortunately in our small town there is no library, so we have to pay to go to the one in the next town. It's worth it, though. We get enough books and movies every week to make it worth what I pay in a year.

Anyway, where was I going with this....I picked up this book because, and I'm embarrassed to say it, the cover was pretty.

It happened to be one of my favorite books to date. Vintage clothes shop, romance, was great.

This next book came on the recommendation of a STRANGER at goodwill. I put off reading it for a couple of weeks, but once I did, I was hooked. It was a fast, fun read. Much like a book you'd read at the beach or vacation. I loved it. Who wouldn't love a "junk picker", antiques lover who falls in love with an old love. (well, probably men wouldn't like it...but...)

I'm also a BIG/HUGE fan of, and so when her romance story came out, I got it, and read it in a day. It was good too.

I often watch movies too, and picked up the mini series Pillars of the Earth. It was fantastic. Historical fiction, intrigue, deceit, etc. I loved it so much, I got the next one written by the author. I haven't started reading it yet, but it's in the basket ready to go. It's VERY thick, though, so I'm getting my smaller books out of the way first.

Since I loved Savannah blues so much, I'm now reading the sequel...

AND my friend's pick for book club next month, which, needless to say, she said SHE picked because of the cover.

I hate reading two books at a time. I feel very two-time-ish, but I'm doin' it anyway.

I realize this seems like a lot of books for a month and a half, and it's not like I'm just sittin' around reading and leaving my kids all to themselves....I only read 1/2 hour each morning over breakfast, and sometimes at night if I'm not too tired.

I DO love to read, though. It transports me to another world. I just hope my kids grow up loving it as much as I do.


  1. I am a reader too. I caved and let my hubby give me a Kindle for my birthday this year b/c I was tired of him complaining about my stacks of books. (He is SOOOO not a reader!) I am in the middle of the Pioneer Woman book right now. It's great - just haven't been able to sit down and read it b/c I'm also working through a Beth Moore book for small group at church.

    Have you read any of the "Yada Yada Prayer Group" books? They're great - another favorite of mine is "Friday Night Knitting Club"

  2. Ok the shadow wife looks like a good read you have my curiosity peaked!

  3. these are great!! will definitely be checking a few of these out....and SO great to see you the other night :)

  4. apparently i'm not like my sister, i'm not much for reading. thought of you when i heard about this couple's blog, they are from pathway and supposedly have a ridiculously large personal library that they rent out books to friends! they're reviews are great, and right now they're reading like a million books for 2011! :)


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