Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Do you Etsy?

About a year ago I became slightly addicted with Etsy.com. I have bought necklaces, prints, and some other small items.

I've also slightly envied those people who have Etsy shops, and display their creativity on a daily basis.

I've wanted to start my own shop selling things like pins...

menu planners...

pillows of all kinds...

and decorative clipboards....(I've sold quite a bit of these at school, and would like to sell more...)

I also have in mind to sell magnetic boards, purses, and things made with vintage crafts.

My inspiration comes from these two ladies: Meg Duerksen and Jeanne Oliver. They both have AWESOME blogs and etsy shops!

But first things first, there is just so much I don't know...so I need your help.

For those of you who have your own etsy shop, tell me...

1. Can I sell both vintage items and handmade items in the same shop?
2. Has your shop been profitable enough to make it worth your time?
3. Is it costly to start?
4. Do you have a big client base? What is the best way to "get" a client base?

I have been on the fence about this for so long now, I think I just need to take the leap.

I am both excited and terrified!

So, please, answer my questions, and take my fears AWAY!


  1. I have been wanting to do the same thing, so I will anxiously await to see what others have to say! Love your items! I am into vintage wares.

  2. I've been thinking about this too... it will be interesting to hear what kinds of reponses you get. I've noticed that some people have more than one etsy "store". One that I have in mind has straight vintage stuff in one store and handmade, with a vintage feel or vintage supplies in another.

    I do love etsy for it's wide variety of items, both handmade and vintage and it seems like the posting/selling fees are reasonable.


    PS Love your clipboards... I'll be one of your first customers :)

  3. Those clipboards are a*dor*a*ble!

  4. 1)yes!!
    2)yes and no. I don't put a lot of time into mine since I have so much else going on. Given the time I put into it though the profits have been good.I make more profit from vintage than handmade. I don't know why....the vintage in my shop just sells better.
    3)not at all. You don't pay up front. I started mine by listing items I had around that IO wanted to get rid of. Then I paid me Etsy fee's with what I made and still had enough "profit" to do a little spending of my own.Their fee's truly are very reasonable. I did Ebay for years before Etsy and after finding Etsy I am NEVER going back to Ebay.
    4) I've still got a small amount of sales under my belt (around 50 something I think) so I don't know much about client base. But networking helps always!
    Hope this helps!!

  5. Wow please excuse my typing skills!! I just noticed a bunch of typo's!!

  6. I love ETSY too. I think blogging and ETSY go together like cookies and cream. I hope you do it-I want a clip board!!! Seriously :)


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