Tuesday, February 22, 2011

An unexpected surprise

Yesterday was President's Day for those of you who didn't know (or care maybe...) We were supposed to have school as a make-up snow day from a snow day we had earlier in Feb.
I got a call at 5:17 that we had a delay. Ok. I'm good with that.
Then, about an hour later, I got a call we were cancelled for the day. I was GREAT with THAT!
I needed a day to get some things done, without any reason to go somewhere.
Since I've been complaining about the lack of organization in my pantry, I decided to start there, and in my junk drawers (Yep, 2 drawers!), and in my baking supply cupboard.
I'm embarrassed to show you the before, but it's necessary.
I have a pantry with permanent shelves, which is great, but also bad at the same time.
I decided to start getting my baskets ready first. I lined them with oilcloth I already had, just to make them look like they belong together.
Then things like this kept happening, and throwing me off task...

I set everything out on my island and got to work. It looks so much better. Maybe you can't tell a difference, but I can.

The changes didn't cost me anything, and it felt GOOD to throw stuff away.

I even had time to fix my baking cupboard.

Oh, and make some cookies, which made my family VERY HAPPY!


  1. Yeah for snow days! Double yeah for getting things done and organized! I am having a pantry made for me! I'm so excited, as I have never had one before. All my food and ingredients have been stuffed in my cupboards. We have 2 ways of accessing our basement : a doorway from the kitchen and a door from the outside. We closed off the entry from the kitchen...we put on a back wall for the pantry and I am having adjustable shelves for the sides and custom-built stationary shelves for the back and top (courtesy of my grandpa). I am then swapping out the solid door for an old screen door I rummaged out back from the dairy...distressing it an old-fashioned green. It's 38x43x94, just big enough for me to take a step in and turn around....

  2. i think it looks amazing! you can definitely see the difference (although it was not that disorganized before)! i love the oilcloth in the baskets, i am going to do that someday. i have the same cloth on my kitchen chairs!

  3. sigh. Isn't organization soothing?
    Glad you had the extra time to get that done.


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