Thursday, February 10, 2011

From the mouths of ANIMALS?

It's been super cold here lately.

-19 was the temp this morning on the way to school. We've had 2 hour delays 3 times this week alone because of the cold.

I wonder what the animals are thinking of this weather.

I feel so bad for them, but Brent keeps telling me they are FINE. As long as they are eating they are generating body heat, and they are FINE.

Personally, sometimes I think his heart is made of stone.

I mean, just look at their faces...

(MOM, can't I PLEASE come inside?)

(I KNOW you see me....I see you too. Let me INSIDE! )

(I MEAN IT! Don't you LOVE ME?)

Oh dearies, I do, you're breakin' my heart.

I'm pretty sure the hens are hatching a plan to escape to warmer climates.

("Martha, I'll distract the kids when they come to give us food, and YOU run right out the door. We're fast...they'll NEVER catch us!")

Yeah right. (They ARE fast, but we usually do catch them.)

The key is, don't look the babies in the eye. You'll fall every time!

This crazy post is all for Feature Friday at Verde Farm.

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  1. I adore this post!! Those sheep are precious. I bet I would have them all in the living room by now. You’re right--avoid eye contact at all costs . Your chicken tractor is awesome--that is some coop. Love it. So glad you shared some of your animals with us today--love your doggy too. So sweet :) Thanks for joining FF Friday!
    Hugs, Amy

  2. I love all your precious little critters, and hope Spring weather soon comes their way!... xoxo Julie Marie

  3. Do your sheep have better cover than that? Don't they have a barn? I feel sorry for them too!

  4. Ohhhh !Those lil Lambie eyes would so melt my heart as well How do you do it!

  5. Is your dog not allowed in the house?

  6. Ladies....I'm glad you ALL feel concerned for the animals...We DO have a barn...and NO, the dogs aren't allowed in the house. They are TOO BIG! Don't let our lab's eyes fool you...he is SPOILED! Every night I fix his BLANKET on the wicker chair on the porch. He curls right up, and sleeps there all night, or cuddled up in the hay in the barn. They even have a heated water dish, so they always have water. :-)

  7. I love this post it made me smile. Farm Friend Friday is great.

  8. I agree with Amy... don't look them in the eye! I would have every single one of them inside my house! And yes, our dogs do come inside. A yellow lab, a black lab and a miniature dachshund. I'm the biggest sucker on the planet when they look at me like your little lamb does.


  9. Cute post, I can relate, we've had the same harsh cold weather here in S.D. I'm sure everyone is just fine with their winter coats and feathers.But, I am a sucker for sad eyes! Our golden retriever sleeps at the foot of the bed every night and keeps us safe!

  10. Very Cute Post... I feel sorry for em too, lol.

  11. Oh yes, our pup sunbathes on a bed of ice, and cries to go outside so she can curl up in her manger.

  12. More details about that fabulous coop!!!
    Who built it ? How long did it take?
    What are the demensions ?
    Got photos of the inside?
    Do the hens have cable and DSL?
    Come visit the herd when you have a minute:

  13. 19 below! Whoa! I thought it was cold here at 15 degrees. I've been letting my old dog sleep in the house again this Winter. As soon as Spring breaks I'm sure she will be living outside again where she loves to be.

  14. I feel your pain... the cold temps and concern for our animals. Love that coop ~ how fabulous.
    Great post. Stopping by from Verde Farm.

  15. Now that you've said they have a barn I love your post! I certainly think you dog looks spoiled! My cows are the ones that put the guilt trip on me, begging for corn and even more hay.


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