Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A New Madness!

I'm convinced we go through school twice.

Once when we're actually in it, and once when our kids are.

Don't get me wrong. The preschool/kindergarten part is easy.

You teach them their letters, sounds, shapes, colors, and basic reading if possible. Learning to write their name, while sometimes frustrating is NOTHING compared to 4th or 5th grade math, 25 years AFTER you were in 4th or 5th grade!

The older they get, the harder it is for the both of you!

My days (after school hours) mostly consist of chores around the house (supper, laundry, packing lunches, cleaning) as well as homework. Homework for both the kids and I. (And on really frustrating days, we ask Brent to help.) (This doesn't happen often, his way of explaining a problem has ALL of us confused!) (sorry honey, it's true.)

4th and 5th grade homework is killing me!

This is an easy timed test Ev brought home today. He can fly through this in less than 2 min.

8x7 ALWAYS = 56, 5x2 ALWAYS = 10. This IS used in real life.

Math that involves 6n+1/2+p + q= 78 DOES NOT occur on a daily basis. (I don't even know if this is a real problem, I just made it up!)

Reading logs I can handle.

Quotients I cannot.

What is a quotient anyway? I haven't used this word in a sentence for years!

Because the state standards per grade change all the time, and more and more is expected out of our kids, they are now doing about 7th grade math in 4th grade! Really? That's ridiculous!

I can pretty much handle the social studies questions, or spelling (sometimes...not the definitions, though), but the other is kicking my butt.

For those parents who are not helpful, I don't know how their kids are making it. Truly.

All I know for sure is...I AM NOT smarter than a 5th grader! Are you?


  1. quotients are what you get when you divide something....the sum is adding, difference is subtraction, and product is multiplication. don't ask me how to do any of this, but brad would know! i can't wait until the kids start school and i get english and he gets math and science, it will be amazing! :/

  2. I couldn't help my kids once they hit the algebra stage! My self-esteem plumeted and it's been in the dumps ever since!!! Quadratic Equation? Who needs it anyway??? I'd rather edit and spell check a paper any day. Oh wait, the computer does that!!
    Keep your chin up!!

  3. I feel your pain. So glad that Court handles the middle school math. It is beyond me! I'll gladly do the rest. Hang in there. You know the teachers. Maybe you could ask for private tutoring. :)

  4. AMEN SISTER!! I only can do 4th grade math then they are on their own. thankfully Brian can do the other grades.



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