Monday, July 18, 2011

Everyone needs some Favorites!

We're getting ready for an incredibly busy week BEFORE another incredibly busy week at the County Fair.

Today there is project turn-in, trips to the bank, library, and store. Tomorrow there are dentist appointments, summer parties for baseball, and tons of laundry to do. Wednesday is a free day, (whatever that day is really free), Thursday finds us at the fair, taking in our show box, prepping the pig pen, and getting any last minute things done before the pigs go in on Friday, and the kids show them that night in an open show.

Whew. I'm tired already!

BUT, I had to share some more favs from my account.

It's only fair. I LOVE looking at yours! So, here goes...

First, I came across some things that just made me smile. Things I don't have links to, but brought back tons of memories.

Tell me, who in the '80's didn't have one of these?

I remember spending HOURS recording my favorite songs from the radio onto a tape. Then playing them back and just thinking I was at the height of technology!

I also remember this little guy. I was in Elem. school when I had this. (Circa 1st or 2nd grade.) I, once again, thought I was the coolest kid for having one.

Today I know better. I'm not on the cutting edge of technology. Heck, we don't even have a laptop or droid, or even a flat screen tv. We don't feel like going into debt for all the electronic trappings some of our friends have. Doesn't mean I don't want them, though.

But, for now, I'll stick with wishing/hoping/possibly making these lovelies.

For sewing machine gets pretty dusty up on my craft table, so I might need to look into making one of these.

(source bloomandblossom)

The cutest thing I've ever seen!

And while I'm making the sewing machine cover, I might want to be wearing these with my cardigan, (made out of clip on earrings!)...

(source muchlove-anna)

and this gorgeous Anthro-look-alike bracelet...

(source twelvecraftstillchristmas)

all the while looking at my lovely vintage clock sitting up on the shelf.

(source lunaandchloeweddings)

My new Kate Spade purse (the Hinkley Karen)

(source katespade)

will probably be hanging on my wonderful mudroom shelves downstairs.

(source pinterest)

Once I was finished making my sewing machine cover, I might travel down the hall to the bathroom, past the living room where these hang on the wall behind the couch,

(source alkemie)

to get to my new soap pump, and wash my hands. After all, I have plenty of jars to make these out of.

(source Country Living)

I might pass this man in the hallway...

(Josh Lucas...I love you)

or this one for that matter...

(Gerard had me at P.S. I love you!) And don't worry, Brent knows all about them!

But seriously....I'm so tired crafting by now, that I'll probably head down the hallway to the living room and light up these pretties. (made with aqua jars, though.)

(source emmalinebride)

and take my curtains down from here...(after all, I have a whole box of old doorknobs).

(source urbanoutfitters)

and watch a good movie before falling asleep on the couch.

Oh, it's nice to dream. And it's nice to surf Pinterest once in awhile (or everyday if you're honest!) Check out my boards if you'd like here.

What are some of your favs? Please tell me!


  1. I love this cute and clever post! So many great links, pics, and ideas!!
    I had one of those pink radios and did just the same, recording songs.
    Good luck at the Country Fair!!

  2. I loved taping off of the radio! My boom box was yellow. Before I was cool enough to have a radio with a "built in" tape recorder, I would sit my radio super close to the radio. Wow,we are spoiled now. :) I remember that very cool calculator too! I think you have inspired me to start an eighties board. I am so glad you are pinning!

  3. So many fun things! Which county are you in? Our fair kicks off this week and goes into next week too. We're going to head north though and go to the Elkhart county fair on Sunday with my baby brother. (He's definitely not a baby anymore though) Ry wants to take WeeMan to see all the animals.

  4. Wow, we really do have exactly the same "likes!" EXCEPT the metallic nail polish... My nails aren't worthy! ;-) LOVE all your boards. Good luck at the fair!!!! And treat yourself well between the busyness!

  5. I just made a sewing cover for my machine...although it unfortunately doesn't look like that one! Hoping to see you at the fair next week! We are coming Thursday to the open show...


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