Thursday, July 7, 2011

Summer Is...

Each school year there is a pivotal point that passes and all I can think about is SUMMER.

I try to wrap my mind around that fact that I will have more time to do housework, canning and preserving, furniture rearranging, craft making, and sports watching.

I can't WAIT until that season. And then it comes.

And time slips away faster than you can blink your eye. You see, summer is...produce at it's peak, just waiting to be eaten, preserved, canned, and frozen.

It's gardens overflowing with healthy goodness...
and WEEDS. So many weeds!
It's lazy mornings with a full coffee cup...
and a great book.

It's flowers coming out of EVERYWHERE imaginable.

It's tetherball games to the death...
And dirt where is shouldn't be...
because of this "innocent" animal.
It's time off from work for me, but a different kind of busy-ness replaces it.

It should be easy nights on the porch

and sometimes it is, but more often it's not.

Summer is great and bad all at the same time. I find myself counting down with trepidation to the time we'll have to march back to school and endure "newness" again.

Summer is a refuge that I'm lucky to be able to enjoy.

Hope you're all having a wonderful summer too.


  1. I agree! Nice post! Thanks for sharing!

  2. This year I've felt like all I've been doing is WEEDING! That part of summer, I don't miss so much. Although everything else is pretty much fabulous! But I am one of those people that LOVED going back to school in the fall and all the "newness".


    PS your corn is way ahead of mine!!


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